eCMS v.4.1
Trusted Product

Computer Guidance Corp.
14624 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, Ariz. 85254

Smarter Construction

In today’s construction industry, leveraging data to make better decisions is essential. This is where eCMS v.4.1 from Computer Guidance Corp., enters the equation. The company has developed a Web technologies for the product that offers an easy way for construction professionals to serve up data from any eCMS application. What makes this product unique is that contractors can use this information to make decisions or for long-term planning. The product also has its own Web Interactive Data Inquiry tool, and has its own BI (business intelligence)—or offers integration with applications such as Tableau, Cognos, BusinessObjects, and others. For construction professionals, this product helps translate data into useful information.

“Data is key to better decisionmaking, and eCMS v.4.1 translates it in a way that enables construction professionals to make decisions. The technology has core capabilities needed, with powerful new enhancements.”Constructech editors

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