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Computer Guidance Corp., is a good example of a technology company that has been acquired—by JDM Technology Group—yet continues to operate independently. For more than 40 years, the ERP (enterprise-resource planning) provider has partnered with its customers, while continuing to advance its solution set as the construction market has continued to evolve.

The company also recognizes that the construction market is seeing continued growth—but is also facing a skilled-labor shortage and declined productivity. With this in mind, the technology provider believes big data can help create a paradigm shift that will enable construction companies to be more productive and profitable than ever before.

This is evident in the new enhancements made to its product, as well as the new collaboration and business process automation tools created to help commercial contractors eliminate manual and outdated processes. Some key capabilities to note include: realtime reliability of data, access from the office to the jobsite, and a strong foundation built on data. In recent months, the company has additionally introduced new features and apps, focusing on data acquisition, processing, management, and distribution, as well as on workflow and collaboration.

As it has continued to enhance its technology, Computer Guidance has also grown its user base significantly—partly due to new customers and partly due to its technology now being used by all key stakeholders of a project—proving it can help commercial contractors achieve quantifiable benefits as a result of implementing ERP technology.

To this day, the company is committed to setting industry standards and improving the productivity, operational efficiency, and overall profitability of construction companies. It does this by providing integrated project data to all who need it, when and where they need it. In the end, this helps its customers operate a smarter construction operations. Computer Guidance Corp., is a company that has stood the test of time, demonstrating its vision for the market through good customer success stories.

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