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1800 Intl. Park Dr., Ste. 400

Birmingham, AL 35243

+1 205.879.3282 x3969

Company scoreboard:

Continues to add educational opportunities for employees and customers

Gives back to the community

Uniquely positioned itself with the technology it offers


Command Alkon University provides certifications

New collaboration platform will allow information to be shared

BuildIt helps solve business challenges for customers

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“Command Alkon has the customers and revenue to prove its success, but it’s the company’s focus on customer service, ongoing training for employees, and community engagement that help it stand out as a company.” —Constructech editors

Command Alkon is a company that construction businesses will want to partner with, as it is committed to both the customer experience and the employee experience.

For its customers, Command Alkon visits jobsites to identify their use cases, review with them their existing processes, and learn what is most important to them. The result is a technology solution that is tailored to the customer’s specific needs. Further, it developed BuildIt, which helps a customer solve a business challenge and is another example of its commitment to partner with clients. Soon, the company will launch a collaboration platform, which will allow information to be shared across suppliers, haulers, contractors, owners, and other DOTs (departments of transportation). In addition, it offers its customers regional events and an annual conference to sharpen skills on system use and configuration.

A look inside the company shows Command Alkon also takes time to recognize the achievements, performance, and leadership of its outstanding employees.
The company’s People team holds Lunch & Learns each month where employees can attend an educational session about a business concept or product.

Employees can also receive additional training through courses that Command Alkon University offers. Individuals inside or outside the company can receive certifications from the courses that Command Alkon University offers, proving that they have the knowledge and skillsets to do their jobs. It is also in the process of establishing a professional development training program where individuals in different roles within the organization can enhance their knowledge and embrace opportunities for future growth.

Command Alkon also gives back to the community at large, sponsoring its “Make a Difference Day” where all departments choose a nonprofit organization to volunteer for and donate to.

All of its efforts for its customers and employees has proven extremely successful for this rapidly growing company.

It has uniquely positioned itself to allow producers, buyers, and a host others in the heavy work community to collaborate digitally with data generated within the technology it offers.

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