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Create a distinct company culture, with key pillars

Focus on serving its clients well

Investing in the next generation of leaders


Continuous product innovation with solid core offering

CMUG group explores new ideas

Recognition of trends such as BIM, drones, and other emerging tech

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“CMiC has long offered innovative technology that serves the construction industry well. It is also a company that proves it has its sights set on mentorship and inspiring employees, clients, and the next generation of construction professionals.” —Constructech editors

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Since its inception, CMiC has worked to create and reinforce a distinct culture. With the company’s ownership remaining constant throughout its history, CMiC has established a strong culture and maintains a commitment to inspiring employees.

The pillars include: long-term outlook and planning, which is rooted in financial independence; continuous product innovation; a clear and persistent product strategy; a well-defined set of target markets; accountability and objectivity in decision making; a commitment to the full lifecycle of customer success; and an emphasis on attracting and retaining the most qualified and diverse technical and business talent. The company prides itself on diversity, with 32% of its workforce comprised of women. CMiC has continued to invest in the next generation of leaders and also inspires its employees through engagement.

One example is customer feedback, which identified a need to integrate CMiC with new technologies that construction firms have started to adopt, including BIM (building information modeling) and the use of drones to collect survey, inspection and QA data.

Taking this to the next level, CMiC continues to provide ongoing education to the construction industry through workshops, networking, and partner showcases at its annual user conference. It also seeks to educate and engage with the broader community.

The company has also developed a scholarship fund and mentor program to help inspire and equip the next generation of young leaders to consider a career in the construction industry. By funding and participating in many community and philanthropic programs, CMiC continues to preserve the founder’s vision for the company and his legacy as a builder, creator, mentor, and education advocate.

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