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Toronto, Ont.

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Integrated suite of construction tools in a single scalable database

Adding new clients and growing the business through innovation

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Recognizes growth planning is key in construction

Provides realtime analytics that is needed for operations

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CMiC is one of the leaders when it comes to enterprise software—demonstrating its leadership for the past 40 years. It recognizes the pain points of the construction industry and provides solutions to meet customer needs with a personal touch.” —Constructech editors

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When it comes to enterprise software in the construction industry, CMiC is clearly at the top as one of the leaders. Having served the industry for 40 years, it has seen the industry weather some ups and downs, and recognizes what builders and contractors need to get the job done—effectively and profitably.

Over the past few years the industry has faced rapidly changing technologies, an explosion of cloud adoption, and the demand for mobile capabilities.  CMiC is leading the charge with a Field solution that doesn’t require bridges or data-priming. Through the use of an advanced service-oriented platform, it has continually been able to adapt to the changing needs of the industry. Having moved through various technologies throughout the past many years, it is now able to deploy its products through both on-premise and cloud models; and, its mobile solution is part of its enterprise platform with adaptive security, providing job costing and communication data anywhere.

While the company continues to build out its product to transform the construction industry, CMiC recognizes that growth planning is key in construction, and offers technology that is scalable. This means as construction companies are ready to grow their business, CMiC software expands to meet your co-operative vision. In line with this need, the company also offers client-driven project-management dashboards, snapshot status reports, performance rating systems, and more.

It is aware that each element of a construction company’s operations impacts the next. This includes people, processes, cost, and materials. Being able to track all of this—and have access to realtime analytics—is critical.

CMiC’s biggest asset is unification: data in a single database. The software solution streamlines construction management and increases efficiency by connecting all operations to one database. From the field to the office, CMiC software provides all the functionality a contractor needs in a single platform.

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