The construction industry has moved from landlines to cellphones and now smartphones. But are mobile devices the way of the future? A new survey reveals which communication method takes top billing in businesses: cellphones or landlines.

Zinwave,, Dallas, Texas, a provider of distributed antenna system solutions for in-building wireless, released the results of its Workplace Connectivity Survey, revealing prevalent use of cellphones in the workplace instead of desk phones, especially among millennials. The results show an increasing shift in dependence on mobile devices for work, reinforcing the need for employers to provide fast and reliable wireless signals at the workplace.

Key findings included that with the increasing use of cellphones at work, 11.7% of respondents never use their desk phones for in-office communications, and some employers have stopped providing desk phones altogether.

In addition to voice calls, the survey found an increase in text messaging as a tool for communication at work, with 52.5% of respondent’s texting colleagues and other internal contacts, and 51.7% texting clients, vendors, partners, and other external contacts.

Millennials are driving the adoption of cellphone use in the office, with 66.5% saying they used their phones at least a little more at work now than a year ago. Generation X respondents also saw the benefits of using a cellphone at work and were not far behind in adoption, with 61.1% saying they were using their cellphone at least a little more than last year.

The trend of going wireless is not slowing down. The office environment will have to adapt and adjust to cellphones being the primary communication tool rather than a desk phone and computer.