Today building lifecycle management is a topic trending among construction companies. When a building is designed, or a renovation is undertaken, there is a significant gathering of information.

The next step is to effectively manage the flow of building information from concept to maintenance to tear-down. It’s the rational progression of BIM (building information modeling), and organizations are looking to support construction firms with this organized information.

As an example of a new partnership, IMAGINiT Technologies,, Irving, Texas, and Rand Facilities Management., Santa Monica, Calif., divisions are now joined under the IMAGINiT Technologies brand. What’s the first order of business? It’s the FM (facilities management) and BIM Connection Service, which enables AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) firms to demonstrate the value of extending the rich data within the model into the facilities management phase of the building lifecycle.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven environment, businesses are pulling out all the stops to better align with the evolving needs of clients, helping to address shifts and trends in the industry. There is a need for building owners and architects to connect and share the building information model data leveraged during the design and construction phases of their projects.

With AEC and FM experts now aligned under the IMAGINiT division, there is an offering that meets this challenge. With this new service, facility owners and managers can harness data from a model created with Autodesk,, San Rafael, Calif., Revit software to effectively connect it with data in a facilities-management system, allowing them to more efficiently manage details such as space and assets.

The time for this is now, as 70% of respondents intend to be using BIM data for facilities management within the next three years, according to research from the Construction Owners Assn. of America,, Austell, Ga.

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