Construction Infrastructure: Looking Forward

Too often when we talk about infrastructure, we do it with a lens that is looking backward. We identify the failures that have happened in the past. We reminisce about what should of or could have been done—and that conversation is important. But I think we need to spend more time talking about what is coming—like, what is really coming in the future.

By |9/18/2018|

Investing in the Future of Construction Innovation

Back in 2015, we at Constructech recognized the emergence of a new trend that has only exploded since that time: investors were eyeing that construction technology was an industry to fund. At the time, we identified that investors were interested in the construction-technology market because the construction industry is attractive—it’s large and it had been growing faster than the GDP. That trend is still apparent today, and it is changing the shape of the construction-technology market.

By |9/11/2018|

Will I See You on Thursday?

The past few weeks have been busy here at Specialty Publishing offices. We are getting ready to honor the 2018 Women in Construction and the 2018 Constructech Vision Awards winners, as well as gearing up for our 2018 Technology Day event, which will take place on Thursday in Arlington Heights, Ill.

By |8/21/2018|

Construction Insider Tips: What the Owner Wants

As the saying goes, the customer is king. But do you know what it is your customer—the owner—wants on projects today, specifically as it relates to the use of technology? If you don’t, you may want to spend some time finding out the answer because it might surprise you.

By |8/14/2018|

Honing Habits

Peggy talks with author of The Leader Habit and CEO of Pinsight, Martin Lanik, who says he chose the word habit because most of our daily behavior is influenced by habit. He asks: What if leadership was a habit and how can you develop positive habits as a leader?

By |8/6/2018|

Addressing the “Hype” around Technology

Here at Constructech we have been following all the news surrounding Hyperloop very closely. The concept is great: a transit system that can carry both people and cargo safety at speeds up to 700-miles-per-hour, all while being more energy efficient, sustainable, and convenient.

By |7/31/2018|

Raising the Grade

Peggy chats with Kristina Swallow, president, American Society of Civil Engineers, about our nation’s infrastructure and its grade of a D+. Swallow explains that the ASCE sees three solutions that can help solve this: investment, leadership, and planning for the future.

By |7/25/2018|