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The State of AI in Construction

Here’s the fact: We are in a very tight labor market. Can AI (artificial intelligence) step in to help solve the challenges? Is construction ready for AI to be ushered in at full force?

By |7/16/2019|

Residential Trend Booms in Construction

One thing the residential construction community has done really well is recognize trends and respond. When buyers requested more energy-efficient homes, builders delivered. When they asked for more “smarts” in the home, technology is what they got. Now, homebuilders are recognizing another growing trend that is getting ready to explode—senior living developments.

By |7/8/2019|

All about Data and Safety

It was all about data, and a little bit about safety, at last week’s HxGN LIVE, Hexagon’s global digital solutions conference. Let’s me share a few examples with you to give you a glimpse into how it envisions automating data processing in construction.

By |6/18/2019|

AI: How Society Perceives It

We need to have a real conversation about how society perceives AI (artificial intelligence). Quite frankly, I think many people see it as this technology that is going to come in and take over our work and our play. It is going to fundamentally change, well, everything. Thank you very much Steven Spielberg and Haley Joel Osment for painting a very vivid picture that is hard to ignore. However, we need to have a real conversation about the true impact that it is going to have on our work.

By |6/4/2019|

AI, ML, Blockchain in Construction Finance

Here at Constructech we have been talking about the impact of emerging technologies for quite some time. Things like AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), big data, and blockchain are changing the way the construction industry does business.

By |5/28/2019|

Distracted Driving: Tips for Construction

Quite candidly, something we don’t talk about enough in the construction industry—or any industry for that matter—is how to combat distracted driving. So many people are primarily concerned about what our teens are doing, but the fact of the matter is this epidemic is spreading fast and furious across all areas, and it is something construction companies need to be aware of among drivers and develop strategies to combat. (Although our own Peggy Smedley makes an effort every April to tackle the crises on her podcast in the hopes of raising greatest awareness).

By |5/21/2019|

AR at Work in Construction

I always pause when I hear about new emerging technologies—because quite candidly, technology only brings value if it solves a critical business problem.

By |5/14/2019|

Your Construction Finance Data

I recently came across an interesting report that less than half of construction finance data is centralized—and quite honestly, it doesn’t surprise me. However, what is promising is the amount of individuals that recognize the potential impact of AI (artificial intelligence) and automation.

By |5/7/2019|