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A Call for Leadership in an Era of COVID-19

Are you a business owner, leader, or a manager of a team? Listen up. Your employees need you right now. They need leaders to inspire them to continue to work in uncertain times. This is a topic Peggy Smedley spoke about last week on The Peggy Smedley Show, saying, business leaders need to be innovative, alter business models for the changing times, and equip employees for the months ahead.

By |4/7/2020|

Powering the Jobsite with Workers

Here at Constructech we have been talking about the labor shortage for years. Gartner recently published a report that piqued my interest and could point to how we as an industry might address this challenge.

By |3/31/2020|

Construction Gives New Birth to Manufacturing

Smart, sustainable construction is here. New methods and technologies could completely transform the way we construct buildings today—and in the future. Consider the concept of Building 4.0, as an example, and how it is being used on a new project. Let’s take a look.

By |3/3/2020|

What’s Next for Jobsite Safety

Let’s talk about jobsite safety for a minute. Interestingly, if you go back 100 years, safety wasn’t the core value on construction projects like it is today. Why did that change? A cultural shift happened.

By |2/25/2020|

The Evolution of an Industry

While many pundits have called construction a laggard, one of the things I love about this industry is its ability to adapt to the changing times—and that is certainly the case today. Let me explain.

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What’s Your Innovation?

Every construction company has something that makes them unique. For some the differentiator is business strategy. For others it is the type of technology that is implemented.

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Baby Boomers and the Silver Tsunami

It is important for homebuilders to watch economic trends in order to best determine which direction to take their business. Such is the case with the impact baby boomers are having on the housing market.

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