Laura Black

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Three Cs: Productivity Booster in Construction

We have all heard the numbers. Labor-productivity growth in construction has averaged only 1% a year in the past two decades, which is compared with growth of 2.8% for the total world economy and 3.6% in the case of manufacturing.

By |11/5/2019|

Enterprise Advances with AI

In an era of AI (artificial intelligence) and the IoT (Internet of Things), enterprise applications are continuing to evolve, and construction companies are taking note and moving to new applications.

By |10/1/2019|

Smart Cities: The Way Forward

Smart cities are coming, or so we hear. In an era of connectivity, consumers have come to expect everything around them to be connected—from the public transportation system to the parking spots. The challenge is building out a truly smart city isn’t an easy feat.

By |9/17/2019|

Three Ways to Survive Digital Disruption

In construction, many people hear the word disruption and have a negative reaction, but disruption is in fact a transformation that is caused by emerging technologies and new business processes. The companies that typically have a negative experience are the ones who simply don’t embrace it.

By |9/10/2019|