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Smart Cities: The Way Forward

Smart cities are coming, or so we hear. In an era of connectivity, consumers have come to expect everything around them to be connected—from the public transportation system to the parking spots. The challenge is building out a truly smart city isn’t an easy feat.

By |9/17/2019|

Three Ways to Survive Digital Disruption

In construction, many people hear the word disruption and have a negative reaction, but disruption is in fact a transformation that is caused by emerging technologies and new business processes. The companies that typically have a negative experience are the ones who simply don’t embrace it.

By |9/10/2019|

Disrupt or Be Disrupted

One of the biggest takeaways from Technology Days 2019 is this: If you don’t disrupt, you will be disrupted. Consider for a minute other industries, specifically taxis and hotels. Uber and Airbnb came in with a different model for providing these services and it completely turned those industries upside down. If you think this won’t happen to construction, you are wrong.

By |9/3/2019|

Construction Considerations for Our Workers and Infrastructure

It has been reported that as much as 50% of large infrastructure projects experience significant cost and schedule overruns. A number of challenges persist and stand in the way of building truly connected infrastructure that we need worldwide—but one hurdle isn’t being as widely discussed as others.

By |8/20/2019|

Building Blocks of Blockchain in Construction

Global spending on blockchain is anticipated to grow significantly this year, as it offer new opportunities for businesses. However, understanding a new technology and recognizing potential use cases and benefits can be challenging for construction companies.

By |8/13/2019|

The State of Security in Construction

Let’s talk security in construction for a moment—because it impacts every single worker in the construction industry. If you think cybersecurity isn’t your business, you are wrong. It is, and you need to be prepared.

By |8/6/2019|

AI in Construction: Growth Projected

The numbers continue to roll in. AI (artificial intelligence) is one of the hottest technologies of 2019, and not only that, organizations are expecting implementations to skyrocket in the next year. Is your construction company ready for the transformation that is about to take place?

By |7/30/2019|

The State of AI in Construction

Here’s the fact: We are in a very tight labor market. Can AI (artificial intelligence) step in to help solve the challenges? Is construction ready for AI to be ushered in at full force?

By |7/16/2019|