AR at Work in Construction

I always pause when I hear about new emerging technologies—because quite candidly, technology only brings value if it solves a critical business problem.

By |5/14/2019|

Your Construction Finance Data

I recently came across an interesting report that less than half of construction finance data is centralized—and quite honestly, it doesn’t surprise me. However, what is promising is the amount of individuals that recognize the potential impact of AI (artificial intelligence) and automation.

By |5/7/2019|

Homebuilders Take Sustainability to New Heights

Building sustainable and energy-efficient structures has been evident in the construction industry for more than a decade. However, it has reached a tipping point and is now an integral part to business success. Homebuilders, for example, are delivering more energy-efficient homes than ever before.

By |4/30/2019|

Top Tech to Drive Safety Forward in Construction

Let’s talk safety for a minute here. It is so impressive that safety is perhaps one of the greatest core values of many of the construction companies across the country. This certainly has been an evolution, of sorts, throughout the past century—but, quite frankly, we are only just getting started.

By |4/23/2019|

Top Tech News from bauma 2019

Taking place from April 8-14, bauma has seen a multitude of announcements. From AI (artificial intelligence), to GNSS (global navigation satellite system), to grade control, and more, the event has highlighted manufacturers making big moves to advance construction equipment, all with the help of emerging technologies.

By |4/16/2019|

Top 3: An Eye on Your Project

Technology continues to advance for the construction industry—particularly on the jobsite. We are seeing more drones in the sky and more automated equipment on the ground. Key to project success is keeping an eye on the project—which includes everything from workers, to equipment, and beyond.

By |4/9/2019|

Let the Robots Rise Up in Construction

The construction industry is facing a worker shortage, and here is a recommendation to combat it: Let the robots rise up in construction—and at the same time reskill the human workers right alongside the machines.

By |4/2/2019|

The Rise of New Leaders

Perhaps one of the most difficult questions to answer is this: What are the best software, hardware, tool, and equipment companies that serve the construction industry? Constructech has been answering this question since 2009 with its annual Constructech 50—and since that time only six stalwarts have remained on the list.

By |3/26/2019|

Creating a New Generation

This past week was truly a special honor for me receiving the ASCE Excellence in Journalism Award. When the American Society of Civil Engineers bestowed so much such praise on me for my work in civil engineering, I was humbled for many reasons. While the Black-Tie OPAL (Outstanding Projects and Leaders) Gala was amazing, as my husband and three grown children were able to attend to share in the festivities, along with other friends and family, the message that resonated the most is that we all need to continue to look to our future; and that means our next generation of innovators.

By |3/19/2019|