Steps to a Safer Construction Jobsite

There is perhaps one thing that all construction companies have in common: the need to create a safer jobsite. Each company might achieve it in different ways, but safety is paramount on every project around the globe.

By |2/19/2019|

Construction Needs Positive Disruption

The construction industry is the fabric of our country. It has proven that it has a notably resilient ecosystem. We have seen this time and time again. But without the right investment how long can we expect our productivity to have a positive impact on both our workforce and our infrastructure? How can we even consider rebuilding and making the necessary reinvestment in our roads, bridges, and waterways?

By |2/11/2019|

The Vision to Move Forward

Have you heard the story about the Mercyhealth Hospital and Trauma Center-Riverside—one of the largest construction projects in Rockford, Ill., history? Let me tell you a little something about this unique project, it leveraged technology in a truly progressive way.

By |2/4/2019|

Seen and Heard around World of Concrete

Last week was a bevy of new announcements for the world of concrete—everything from materials, to software, to equipment took center stage. Perhaps one of the biggest themes of the week centered around the topic of productivity.

By |1/29/2019|

Gearing Up for World of Concrete

Today marks the start of World of Concrete in Las Vegas, and I think we will see and hear big announcements from technology providers, equipment manufacturers, materials companies, and more. In fact, some companies are already making announcements to make note of.

By |1/22/2019|

AI, Robots Augment Construction

What will be the most disruptive technology in the construction industry in 2019 and beyond? Is it drones, robotics, AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, or something else entirely? Here at Constructech, we are watching trends closely to help you determine which technology will be most impactful to construction businesses in the months ahead.

By |1/8/2019|

Attracting Next-Gen Workers to Construction and Infrastructure

Gone are the days when U.S. high schools emphasized skilled trades and prioritized vocational training. For better or for worse, the systemic mindset shift favoring a four-year degree in an academic discipline is now the status quo, and now, as a generation of workers nears retirement, the construction industry is suffering because of it. However, some schools are making efforts to bring career technical education back to their classrooms.

By |1/2/2019|

Upping the Infrastructure Grade

When the Nevada ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) released its 2018 Infrastructure Report Card, immediately my heart started to race with anticipation. Regardless of what the report card revealed, there was no question I was feeling a tad anxious by the outcome. Now, I have to admit, I was a little surprised; not because Nevada improved, that was the good news, but that I was really so nervous at the outset.

By |1/2/2019|