The competition is open to construction companies involved in the following areas:

  • Residential construction
  • Commercial and heavy construction
  • Professionals in all trades
  • Architectural and engineering firms
  • Corporate owners
  • Facility management companies
  • Government agencies
  • Land developers
At a gala dinner in August 2019.
Anyone familiar with the nominees can make the nomination.
May 22, 2019. Due to the time constraints, this will be a hard deadline and no extensions will be granted.
Finalists will be notified by early June 2018, but the winners will not be announced until the awards dinner in August 2018.
Constructech editors will review the nominations and narrow them down to finalists. Professors and a panel of judges will comprise the judging panel that review the finalists and selects the winners.
Nominations that provide a clear narrative, combined with facts and data, to support the assertions in the narrative.All the judges are knowledgeable about construction and emerging solutions, but they are not experts in all fields, so avoid jargon where possible.
No, we need to know who you are, though we don’t share nominator information with any third parties.
You can nominate multiple teams from one company, provided they all meet the criteria for each category.
We will contact all applicants. However, the full list of finalists will be available at in late August 2019
No. We do not allow the entrants to have contact with the judges.
No. We do not allow entrants to screen their judges or know who they are prior to the award judging.

The entry fee varies from $25 – 500 dependent on the type of award you are submitting for. This fee is used for administration.

Constructech magazine publishes print and/or Web articles highlighting the winners. The material is based on the award submission. We recommend you do not submit material that is not for publication.
2019 is the first annual award, so there are no previous winners.

For further questions regarding the awards deadline, please contact