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Landed major framework agreements with clients

Strategic alliances to offer innovative software and solutions

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Partnerships for cloud and connected data

Focus on reality modeling and spurring innovation

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Bentley Systems is pushing the envelope with what it has affectionately coined constructioneering and inspectioneering. This company recognizes today’s technology companies need to stay one step ahead, and it is doing just that.” —Constructech editors

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If you want to partner with a company that has its eyes set on the future, look no further than Bentley Systems. The company aims to help everyone involved in the construction process—engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators—by providing them with software to design, build, and operate infrastructure.

The company has made some pretty big investments in R&D (research and development) and developed partnerships that are set to offer new innovations in construction. For example, it has partnered with Microsoft to advance connected data environments for infrastructure projects and assets. Additionally, it has joined with Topcon to advance cloud services for “constructioneering.” And these are just a few examples.

Bentley also continues to make advancements in reality modeling with its ContextCapture software, which enables users to easily create 3D digital models using high-resolution photos and point cloud data. These models capture infrastructure assets and as-operated conditions to provide real-world context for decision-making during design, construction, and operations.

Bentley Systems is also spurring “conceptioneering,” “constructioneering,” which takes advantage of reality modeling through cloud services to converge surveying, engineering, and construction; and “inspectioneering,” which leverages reality modeling to converge engineering and inspection. The company believes reality modeling will lend a hand, as drones, mixed devices, and the Industrial Internet of Things converge to advance infrastructure. As this happens, companies will have access to new tools and processes that will help with infrastructure project delivery and asset performance.

This company represents the future of the construction industry, and helps builders and contractors recognize what new trends are coming, and what associated technologies are necessary to get the job done.

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