ProjectWise CONNECT Edition
Trusted Product

Bentley Systems, Inc.
685 Stockton Dr.
Exton, PA 19341

Connect Your Project Teams
The next great area project teams can leverage to improve projects is collaboration and content management. Bentley Systems’ ProjectWise CONNECT  Edition offers collaborative, interoperability to connect global project teams where information and deliverables are available on-demand for improved performance and increased project transparency. The product provides comprehensive worksharing for virtual project delivery processes including document management, change control, and third-party reviews and approvals. In the past year, the company has made significant changes to the product, including being able to manage deliverables, global work sharing, and visibility. Bentley’s ProjectWise has been one used for years, and now the CONNECT Edition takes the technology to the next level.

“Bentley Systems understands that project teams are dispersed  and need a solution to  connect globally. This is where ProjectWise CONNECT Edition comes into the equation, offering comprehensive worksharing for virtual  project delivery.” —Constructech editors

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