Thank you for your interest in the Constructech Vision Awards. Here are some  frequently asked questions to help you better understand this awards program.

Eligibility & Nominations

The Vision Awards honor construction companies that have realized the advantages of where construction and technology converge and how they can successfully apply it to their everyday businesses.

The competition is open to companies involved in the following areas:

  • Residential construction
  • Commercial and heavy construction
  • Professionals in all trades
  • Architectural and engineering firms
  • Corporate owners
  • Facility management companies
  • Government agencies
  • Land developers
Those interested in the Vision Awards can contact Lynne Flakus for further information.
Yes. The end-user listed in part one, question one of the ballot will be considered the entrant, or the company that is eligible to win. This award will also honor the companies listed as solution providers/technology enablers, in the event that the end-user is chosen as a finalist.

In the past, public relations firms and/or technology enablers have aided in the submission for the end-user. This is acceptable, however, the end-user must approve the final entry as well as provide the required signatures.

Yes. Each entry requires a separate entry application and entry fee. Companies must submit unique projects for each submission. In addition, companies that have won previously may not submit for that previously winning project. However, previous winners may submit with a unique project.

Constructech publishes print and/or web articles highlighting the winners and the finalists. This material is based on the award submission. We recommend you do not submit material that is not for publication.

You are not able to view the actual entries submitted.

Contact Lynne Flakus at or +1 630.933.0844 ext. 222.

Submission Form

The 2020 Vision Award deadline is April 3, 2020

Complete the Vision Awards ballot online

The 2020 entry fee is $525. The entry fee is not refundable. The Awards program does not provide any discounts for entry fees. The payment/approval PDF includes all required information for the committee to complete the application process including bench marketing, credibility, processing and assessment for the competition based on all the entries and to access and properly yield all networking opportunities.

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Fax: +1 630.933.0845

Judging Criteria

Constructech is looking for the company that best explains the problem/challenge, how technology was innovatively used, and what the payoff/benefit of this application was to the company. Entries will be evaluated on how the company has used technology in an innovative way to solve a problem in order to improve their competitiveness or create a better working environment for their employees.

With the Vision Awards, the judges read the entered ballots and review them. Entries are rated on a scale of 1-10.
No. We do not allow the entrants to have contact with the judges.
No. We do not allow entrants to screen their judges or know who they are prior to the award judging.
An independent panel of industry analysts and experts judge the Vision Award. Each individual score is recorded, and the entries are rated by an average score. The award team reviews the scoring and written comments and Constructech editors then make a final determination of gold, silver, and bronze winners by the scores of the entries in each category. This is done by comparing the scores of the entries in that category as well as the ranking of the individual score. Not all categories will have a gold, silver, and bronze winner. The winners are selected in the industry for which they submitted.

Awards Winners

Entrants will be notified that they have been named a finalist, if chosen so. Finalists will win an award; it is just a matter of whether it is a gold, silver, or bronze, which is announced at the awards ceremony. Finalist companies must be in attendance to be eligible to win. The Awards Coordinator contacts the person(s) named in the application by either phone or email.

The annual award ceremony is held Aug. 19-20, 2020.

Each winning end-user receives a freestanding trophy, along with national coverage by Constructech and its website. The solution providers/technology enablers will win a plaque.

The name of the end-user will go on the trophy. Each plaque will name the specific technology enabler winning that plaque, as well as the winning end-user.
If the end-user company is not in attendance the award will not be given. If a winning solution provider/technology enabler is not in attendance, that individual company will not receive their individual award.
Yes. Additional trophies and plaques will be available at the cost of the ordering company. If you are interested in order additional awards, please contact Lynne Flakus.

Constructech will issue a press release, as well as publish award descriptions, and, in some cases, articles on the winners.

Yes. All winners and enablers are encouraged to send out a press release as the winners are announced. Please make sure that Constructech is given the opportunity to approve press releases containing information and/or quotes pertaining to and coming from Constructech and its awards program.

Past winners can be viewed here.