Read below to learn more about the 2015 Vision Award winners. 

Award 2015 WinnerProfile
Technology Enablers: Aconex, Bentley

A comprehensive, collaborative project-management solution helped a joint-venture team link a massive number of tracked elements with drawings and specifications in carrying out documentation requirements on a significant light-rail infrastructure project.

Construction Coordinators, Inc.
Builder/GC Commercial $6million to $25 million

By implementing a construction-management payment system, this commercial GC was able to improve the organization of documents for review and processing – achieving cost reductions and faster payment to subs.

Pinnacle/CSG, Inc.
Builder/GC Commercial $26 million to $100 million
Technology Enablers: Bluebeam, NoteVault

By expanding the use of cloud and mobile technology, this commercial construction manager and general contractor found new ways to improve staff efficiency and provide greater support to remote field forces.

Pomerleau (tie)
Builder/GC Commercial More than $500 million
Technology Enabler: Aconex, Newforma

A Canadian design and construction provider in a large public-private partnership infrastructure project to build a 300-cell capacity prison near Montreal has identified time and cost savings through use of a comprehensive document-management solution.

Hoar Construction (tie)
Builder/GC Commercial More than $500 million
Technology Enabler: Assemble Systems

To overcome what it saw as a fragmented scheduling system, this GC implemented a production-oriented scheduling system for tracking and controlling subcontractor activities, leveraging BIM to achieve significant results in project progress.

Hensel Phelps
Builder/GC Commercial More than $500 million
Technology Enabler: Aconex

This design-builder for a large Federal building project embraced a digital solution for documentation collection, review and assembly to enhance handover to the asset owner and make ongoing O&M (operation and maintenance) easier for the facility manager.

Tim O'Brien Homes
Builder/GC Residential $6 million to $25 million
Technology Enablers: Avid Ratings Co., BuilderMT, CG Visions, Sage Software, Sales Simplicity Software

This residential builder implemented an information portal system that makes home feature option and construction schedule and other information available via tablets and personal computers to trades and superintendents – improving workflow and saving time.

Turner Industries
Corporate Owner: Industrial/manufacturing

This industrial enterprise serving petrochemical, chemical, refining and other industries developed a Saas (Software-as-a-Service) solution to harness the knowledge of its multitude of turnaround managers – and help clients avoid costly risk associated with such activities.

Nalcor Energy
Corporate Owner: Transportation/Communications/Utilities
Technology Enabler: Aconex

When a Canadian energy company embarked on constructing a large hydroelectric facility with multiple project stakeholders, it adopted a cloud-based solution to provide access to documents and support an automated workflow, promoting collaboration, and communication.

EE Cruz Co.
Technology Enabler: Computer Guidance Corp.

Looking to maintain its steady growth, this Northeastern highway/heavy contractor sought out an automation solution in the form of an enterprise resource planning solution to unlock data and improve employee efficiency.

Klorman Construction
Specialty Contractor: Concrete Work

This design-build GC and structural concrete contractor expanded its use of technology in a fruitful effort to better control construction tolerances and variations between the “as-planned” design and the “as-built” construction on projects.

Faith Technologies
Specialty Contractor: Electrical Work $251 million to $500 million

By leveraging BIM (building information modeling) technology through field robotics, this electrical contractor improved the speed and accuracy of component installation. By recording conditions during and after installation, verification can be made that items are installed in proper locations.

Rosendin Electric
Specialty Contractor: Electrical Work more than $ 500 million

To track and estimate labor productivity, this specialty subcontractor developed a data collection and analysis tool that has become instrumental in providing the relevant metrics related to productivity factors and expected-to-complete calculations.

Performance Drywall
Specialty Contractor: Plastering/Drywal Less than $5 million
Technology Enabler: On Center Software

Streamlining the takeoff and estimating process saved money by eliminating the need to hire an IT staff, as well as reduced the cost of data transmission and the potential for error produced by exchanging multiple sets of documents.

Master Plaster
Specialty Contractor: Plastering/Drywal $6 million to $25 million
Technology Enabler: On Center Software

Seeking a solution help document and formalize processes and protect itself in potential litigation, this specialty contractor implemented an automated solution that provides realtime accurate accounting of work, as well as facilitates enhanced project insights.

Marek Brothers
Specialty Contractor: Plastering/Drywall $251 million to $500 million
Technology Enabler: On Center Software

Embracing estimating and data management tools enabled this provider of drywall and related services to enable companywide access to current, centrally stored plans, as well as eliminate the need for multiple redundant copies of plans.

Source Refrigeration & HVAC, Inc.
Specialty Contractor: Refrigeration Systems
Technology Enabler: Systemates

A tech solution enabling faster communication and information exchange is allowing construction/operations teams to be on the same page with the corporate office, and providing a streamlined way to track contracts, change orders and invoices.

L.P.R. Construction Co.
Specialty Contractor: Steel Erector & Industrial Services

To combat high training costs, this builder tapped its IT department to help develop a feasible solution. The result is a self-contained and connected “kit” that can be sent to jobsites to facilitate remote, yet interactive, learning.

Northwestern Medicine
Team Award
Team Members: Lend Lease - Pepper Construction Joint Venture and StratusVue

This prominent health system is applying technology to more efficiently model, collect and utilize key asset data and documentation during construction, migrate it more quickly and effectively at turnover, and then access the data through BIM during building operations.