Thank you for your interest in the Constructech Top Products Awards. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you better understand this awards program.

Eligibility & Nominations

The Constructech Top Products honor innovative products that target the commercial construction and homebuilding markets.
Any technology provider with a product aimed toward the construction space is eligible for this award.

Yes. The company listed in the online entry form will be considered the entrant, or the company that is eligible to win. In the past, public relations firms have aided in the submission. This is acceptable, however, the applying companies must approve the final entry as well as provide the required signatures.

Yes. Companies can submit one or more products that are considered eligible. Each entry must be for a unique product and be accompanied with an individual, completed form. The payment/approval PDF can be completed for multiple products.

Products can be submitted in the New Product, Trusted Product, or Concept Product categories.

The New Product category features brand new technology offerings that have been in the market for two years or less.

The Trusted Product category features core technology offerings in the market for at least three years. This category also includes upgrades or enhancements to existing products

The Concept Product category features new technology concepts, less than three months. 

Some products that were named as winners for the New Products category in previous years are not eligible to submit in that category in following years. This is dependent on the time of submission relative to the launch date, as well as access to beta customers. Please contact Lynne Flakus for additional information or further questions.

All questions should be directed to Lynne Flakus at +1 630.933.0844 x222, or via email at

Submission Form

The Top Products deadline for 2020 has passed.

Currently there is no call to entry.

The cost to enter a product for the 2020 Constructech Top Products is $725 for the first product; $675 for each additional product. If chosen as a winner, the application fee will be applied to the purchase of a marketing package.

Judging Criteria

Submitted products are judged by the editorial team at Constructech. Those products are selected based on various criteria, including the product’s overall usefulness and uniqueness to the construction industry. In addition, the editors also consider the customer growth rate during the past few years for that particular product.

With the Constructech Top Products Awards, each judge reads your submitted entry and reviews it. Each judge rates the entry on whether or not it is should be named one of the Constructech Top Products.
No. We do not allow the entrants to have contact with the judges in regard to how they will be viewing the entry.
The editors of Constructech evaluate the entries. The judges evaluate each product individually and the panel will determine the winners based on the criteria. 

Awards Winners

Constructech publishes print and/or Web articles highlighting the winners and the finalists. This material is based on the award submission. We recommend you do not submit material that is not for publication, unless noted on the entry form.

Entrants will be notified when they have been named a winner, prior to the public announcement of the awards. The contact person(s) named in the entry will be notified by either phone or email. An article naming the 2020 Constructech Top Products will appear in Constructech in Winter-20.

If chosen as a winner, you will be offered a marketing package, which you can learn more about here Companies named to the Constructech Top Products list are not required to purchase the marketing package. Promotions and logos are only provided to those who participate in the marketing package.

Constructech magazine will publish an article announcing the winners.
Yes, all companies that purchase the marketing package are encouraged to send out a press release after the winners are announced by Constructech. Please make sure that Constructech magazine is given the opportunity to approve press releases prior to release.
Past winners can be viewed here.