Thank you for your interest in the Constructech 50 Awards. Here are some  frequently asked questions to help you better understand this awards program.

Eligibility & Nominations

The Constructech 50 honors technology, building automation, or automated home technology vendors who target the construction industry and have developed innovative applications or products.
Companies that provide software and/or technology for the construction space are eligible for this award.

Entries for the 2020 Constructech 50 Awards are due April 22, 2020.

Yes. The company listed in Step 1 on the ballot will be considered the entrant, or the company that is eligible to win. In the past, public relations firms have aided in the submission. This is acceptable, however, the applying companies must approve the final entry as well as provide the required signatures.
No. Each company can only submit one entry.
All questions should be directed to Lynne Flakus at +1 630.933.0844 x222, or via email at

You are not able to view the actual entries submitted; however, please view the past winners.

Submission Form

Complete the Constructech 50 Awards ballot online.

Please complete the online ballot form and complete the payment form. Completed payment forms can be faxed to +1 630.933.0845 or sent via email to Lynne Flakus. All required signatures on the payment form must be included.

The entry fee for 2020 is $925. Entry fees are nonrefundable. The online ballot includes a payment form where the entry fee can be fulfilled. This form must be completed, or the application will not be accepted.

Judging Criteria

Applicants are judged on a variety of criteria including strong product/service aimed at the construction industry, customer satisfaction and growth, as well as outreach and educational efforts for the construction industry.

The editors of Constructech evaluate the entries.
With the Constructech 50, each judge reads your submitted document and reviews it. Each judge rates the entry on whether or not it is deserving of being named to the Constructech 50.
No. We do not allow the entrants to have contact with the judges in regard to how they will be viewing the entry.

Awards Winners

Constructech publishes print and/or web articles highlighting the winners. This material is based on the award submission. We recommend you do not submit material that is not for publication, unless otherwise noted.

Entrants will be notified that they have been named a winner, prior to the public announcement of the awards. An article naming the year’s Constructech 50 will appear in Summer-20.

The Awards Coordinator contacts the persons named in the application by either phone or email. It is extremely important that each nominee provides email addresses that will be operable throughout 2020 and that will accept email from Constructech.

All companies named to the 2020 Constructech 50 list will be invited to become a member of the Constructech 50 and given the opportunity to take advantage of an exclusive marketing opportunity, which you can learn more about here.  Companies named to the Constructech 50 list are not required to become members or purchase the marketing package. Promotions and logos are only provided to those who become members and participate in the marketing package.

Constructech will write an article announcing the winners.

Yes, all companies that become members and participate in the marketing package are encouraged to send out a press release after the winners are announced by Constructech. Please make sure that Constructech is given the opportunity to approve press releases prior to release.