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Since 2007, Laura Black has been writing for both Constructech magazine and its sister publication Connected World magazine, focusing on articles that help business professionals understand the value of technology.

Top 3: An Eye on Your Project

Technology continues to advance for the construction industry—particularly on the jobsite. We are seeing more drones in the sky and more automated equipment on the ground. Key to project success is keeping an eye on the project—which includes everything from workers, to equipment, and beyond.

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Top Technology Companies for Construction

Perhaps one of the most difficult questions to answer is this: What are the best software, hardware, tool, and equipment companies that serve the construction industry? Constructech has been answering this question since 2009 with its annual Constructech 50—and since that time only six stalwarts have remained on the list.

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Leadership: A Cultural Revolution

The construction industry is on the precipice of imploding on itself, quite candidly—and something needs to change. Every company across the country is feeling the squeeze of the labor shortage. We keep talking about how we need to entice younger workers to the business and how we need to leverage technology to fill in the gaps—and that is certainly all true. But there is a key component that is missing that needs to happen if the industry is truly going to evolve: a cultural revolution in leadership.

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The Age of the Cloud in Construction

Every year, we watch analyst predictions closely to determine trends currently in the market—and those that are gaining momentum for the future. It is pretty safe to say we are firming entrenched in the era of the cloud.

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IBS 2019: All about the User Experience

IBS (Intl. Builders Show) 2019 was a bevy of new announcements. Certainly, the new innovation solutions stole many of the headlines (think, devices that monitor and alert you to water leaks in your home) and for good reason. But some of the biggest technology announcements will be felt at homebuilding companies across North America.

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Steps to a Safer Construction Jobsite

There is perhaps one thing that all construction companies have in common: the need to create a safer jobsite. Each company might achieve it in different ways, but safety is paramount on every project around the globe.

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The Vision to Move Forward

Have you heard the story about the Mercyhealth Hospital and Trauma Center-Riverside—one of the largest construction projects in Rockford, Ill., history? Let me tell you a little something about this unique project, it leveraged technology in a truly progressive way.

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Seen and Heard around World of Concrete

Last week was a bevy of new announcements for the world of concrete—everything from materials, to software, to equipment took center stage. Perhaps one of the biggest themes of the week centered around the topic of productivity.

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Gearing Up for World of Concrete

Today marks the start of World of Concrete in Las Vegas, and I think we will see and hear big announcements from technology providers, equipment manufacturers, materials companies, and more. In fact, some companies are already making announcements to make note of.

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