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Since 2007, Laura Black has been writing for both Constructech magazine and its sister publication Connected World magazine, focusing on articles that help business professionals understand the value of technology.

Another Acquisition Continues Consolidation

In the past few years, a number of acquisitions have threatened to disrupt the status quo of software in the construction industry—and it appears that this M&A (merger and acquisition) activity continues, with big implications for the construction-technology space.

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Data: Subs and Specialty Contractors

Data, data, data. You have heard us say many times before that data is the crux of creating more productive and profitable projects. In the next few blogs, I am going to explore how data flows throughout the supply chain—from subs, to GCs, to owners. I will admit it is much easier for me to put my thoughts on paper, than it is to execute in the real world, but the first step is having a honest, candid discussion about the challenges and the opportunities for the future, and perhaps we can work together to determine how to best overcome some of these hurdles that exist.

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Innovation in Software: Accounting

Automation. That is perhaps the one word that best sums up the transformation happening in the construction-technology space, specifically as it relates to accounting.

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Innovation in Software: Estimating

In an effort to set aside much of the hype and buzzphrases that surround the construction industry these days, I am penning a blog series that focuses on how tried-and-true software is changing and becoming more innovative.

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Innovation in Software: General Management

I thought it was about time to do another blog series. We often talk about BIM (building information modeling) and innovation at the “connected” jobsite and it becomes easy to miss the innovation happening in some of the traditional software applications such as bidding/estimating and accounting.

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IoT in the Construction Lifecycle

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what is holding back widespread adoption of technology in the construction industry. I have covered the topics of both BIM and IoT at the jobsite already, but today I thought I would take a closer look at IoT in the lifecycle of a construction projects.

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Top Three IoT Hurdles at the Jobsite

Last week, I wrote a blog inspiring the technology providers and construction community to be honest about some of the challenges that are still being faced with BIM (building information modeling). Today, I want to turn my attention to the IoT (Internet of Things)—specifically the impact of IoT at the construction jobsite.

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Let’s Be Honest about BIM

Many of the analyst and research companies are jumping on the BIM (building information modeling) bandwagon, releasing reports that are forecasting the growth of the market. I have had an opportunity to scan many of these reports, and it seems there is one key point missing from most that needs to be addressed.

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Why Aren’t Young People Entering Construction?

This is something I have had on my mind lately. The construction worker pool is shrinking—this is something we talk about at Constructech quite often. Baby boomers are getting ready to retire, and millennials just aren’t entering the construction workforce at the pace that is needed. But why?

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