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Jim Kissane is a retired construction industry veteran, having served the design/construction industry for more than three decades. He writes regularly for Constructech magazine on the topic of technology in construction.

“This Supply Chain Stuff Is Really Tricky”

OK, I admit it, I stole the title from Elon Musk. My head is hurting and I was looking for something descriptive and pithy and Musk had already said it. The pandemic is creating new risks for all contractors, large and small. None of the experts I read or listened to can tell me whether we’re looking at a) a quick recovery, b) a global slowdown, or c) a pandemic-driven recession.

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Have We Learned from the Cheshire Cat?

Early in my career I helped develop tech for VTC (vehicular traffic control). The tech we built was the result of queuing models created using GPSS (general purpose simulation system) and later Q-GERT (queueing-graphical evaluation and review technique).

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Facing Difficult Choices, A New Media

An old story, “The Merchant’s Daughter” tells the tale of a merchant in 1352 in Glynval, England who was successful and wealthy, but when times grew difficult and labor shortages were commonplace, the family was forced to do the work they had always hired others to do.

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Are You a Digital Hoarder?

Once upon a time we had no document-management problems. OK, so it was a very long time ago. Back then there were two historical eras: BC (before computers) and AD (after data).

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