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The Constructech staff contributes daily news articles to the Website on a regular basis, writing about the latest trends in the world of construction technology.

A Virtual Future for Construction

VR (virtual reality) is a technology that is being used in many fields. Construction is one where the possibilities of VR are still often untapped. Some sister industries are using VR in ways that are making construction take notice.

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Drone Advances Drive Construction

UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), commonly known as drones, have a great deal of potential to be explored for commercial applications. Major industries, government agencies, and other organizations are all actively assessing the opportunity for drones to disrupt the market and create innovative business models.

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Technology Partnership Drives GPS

High-precision positioning information is increasingly used in fields such as agriculture, construction, and disaster prevention. Demand for such information is expanding worldwide for both land-based and maritime applications.

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ECi Mark Systems

Smarter Construction

New to the market in 2015, LotVue is a family of application that enables the construction industry to collaborate and engage.

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Q&A with Thomas Wolf: Part 2

Thomas Wolf, chairman & CEO at RIB Software AG,, recently sat down with me to discuss what needs to happen so that both the construction and manufacturing industries can embrace the Internet of Things and how emerging technology and digitization will make a difference to companies’ bottomlines.

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