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Product release of ALMobile Cloud

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Focus on education for clients and employees

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Building on the fact that its people are one of its greatest assets

Enabling clients to be part of an early adopter program

Creating an atmosphere of innovation

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“The market for mobile has changed drastically in the last several years and Austin Lane has made some big moves to position itself well as a solid provider for construction.”
Peggy Smedley

At Austin Lane, the primary focus is on business process improvement for its clients. As a full-service software vendor that covers every aspect of field force automation, the product—ALMobile—is an enterprise solution that tracks time, attendance, and productivity data. The technology also integrates with ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems to make collaboration between the home office and the field personnel even easier.

For Austin Lane, its clients are considered partners, as they influence the development of features and functionalities within ALMobile. In fact, many of the clients are part of the ALMobile EAP (Early Adopter Program) where customers can receive the benefits of new releases and products as soon as possible and have the opportunity to provide feedback, which results in changes and enhancements to new releases to improve usability. All of the changes then become part of the standard product and there is no cost to the client for these changes.

The company also recognizes that in order to accomplish all this one of its greatest assets is its people, and thus it strives to create a culture that fosters creativity, open dialogues with management, and teamwork to solve problems. It goes the extra mile for its employees, creating an environment in which all of its employees can feel appreciated, included, and encouraged to bring new, fresh ideas to the table. Austin Lane recognizes that each of its employee’s unique experiences, perspectives, and views are critical to creating products that help solve its clients’ problems all over the world. One of its goals is to create an atmosphere that brings in the best employees and instills a sense of pride.

Ongoing education for both clients and employees is also a top priority for Austin Lane, which happens in a number of different ways. For example, it offers the ALMobile Client Portal, which has information about Austin Lane supported software and services. This enables both customers and staff to self-help and troubleshoot common problems before escalating the issues to support. Austin Lane is taking mobile to the next level, with a deep emphasis on taking care of its customers and employees, all while delivering innovative solutions.

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