2017 Constructech Vision Awards

Which Vision will shine?

Today, technology is advancing at a very rapid pace, and it offers a number of opportunities to improve business—including client services, jobsite operations, process improvements, and so much more. In today’s age, businesses are only limited by their imaginations.

A few leading construction companies are providing that they have the foresight to implement technologies that offer a significant ROI (return on investment). These companies are honored with the Constructech Vision Awards.

For the past 18 years, the Constructech Vision Awards have celebrated the achievements of construction companies that have leveraged technology in innovative ways to solve operational challenges and improve their bottomlines. Each winning company was selected on its ability to implement new solutions that address issues in productivity, maintenance, efficiency, security, data sharing, collaboration, and profitability.

These winners were validated by a distinguished and independent panel of industry analysts, consultants, and educators. This year’s panel of judges includes Danielle Dy Buncio, VIATechnik; Mark Federle, Marquette University; Pietro Ferrari, George Brown College; Carol Hagen, Hagen Business Systems Inc.; Julian Kang, Texas A&M University; Jim Kissane, an industry veteran; Don Kaplan, The Rhodes Group; and Bill White, IUPUI. The judges proudly selected this year’s winners based on each firm’s innovative use of technology to transform their construction operations.

On the pages that follow, you will find a few key select case studies from this year’s batch of winners including a residential, corporate owner, and specialty trade case study.

The 2017 Constructech Vision Awards winners demonstrate how technology is advancing the industry, and ultimately making each of these firms more profitable.

Builder/GC Residential: More than $500 million

Gold: AvalonBay Communities

AvalonBay Communities, www.avaloncommunities.com, Arlington, Va., manages complex projects with multiple partners and wanted a way to streamline processes, eliminating multiple, duplicative entries. The solution needed to include an audit trail and approval limits to manage all project transactions including budgeting, contracting, payments, and field administration. The company devised a suite of products to create an integrated system where employees need to only enter data once throughout the lifecycle of an asset.

Builder/GC Commercial: $6 million to $25 million

Silver: Construction Coordinators

Construction Coordinators, www.coordinators.com, Needham, Mass., was confronted with one issue that posed a continuing conundrum: How to update its subcontracts with technological tools while staying current with state regulations and satisfying subcontractors who had resisted previous efforts to automate the process. The company rose to the challenge, and cut the process time to one day from five days by using software to generate a subcontract from its project-management software modules.

Builder/GC: Commercial: $26 million to $100 million

Gold: Cold Spring Construction

Cold Spring Construction, Akron, N.Y., found itself the victim of an up-and-down economy when its core business of building new highways shifted to one of performing maintenance and rehabilitation work. The drastic change negatively impacted the company’s revenues and profit margins, leaving it to reassess most of its processes to remain competitive. The far-reaching results included moving to a cloud-based ERP (enterprise-resource planning) deployment.

Builder/GC Commercial: $26 million to $100 million
Silver: Joe Bland Construction

Joe Bland Construction, www.joeblandconstruction.com, Austin, Texas, implemented a solution that eliminated the need to purchase additional hardware and software required for new applications and enhancements that would allow strategic planning and realtime decision making. Users across the organization and in the field now have ubiquitous access to business-critical and integrated data.

Builder/GC Commercial: $26 million to $100 million
Silver: Pinnacle/CSG

The construction management firm Pinnacle/CSG, www.pinnaclecsg.com, Atlanta, Ga., adopted software that enables it to track financial goals on projects, as well as overall company performance so its workers and executives get quick, thoroughly analyzed, and updated information. The technology provides enterprise quality financial and construction reporting via business intelligence.

Builder/GC Commercial: $26 million to $100 million

Bronze: JF Brennan Co.

JF Brennan Co., www.jfbrennan.com, La Crosse, Wis., integrated two pieces of software for all accounts receivables contracts setup. In doing so, the company eliminated manual data entry and file transfers between the systems, and facilitated a near realtime data exchange for customer contract line item and associated job-cost code, lump-sum items, and quantity-based items.

Builder/GC Commercial: More $101 million to $250 million

Silver: M.J. Harris Construction Services

M.J. Harris Construction Services, www.mjharris.com, Birmingham, Ala., implemented a construction blueprint app on the iPad to more efficiently manage project documents in the field. The company’s field personnel no longer lug tons of paperwork around the project site, since the app digitized them. The workers are also more empowered to answer questions and deal with issues immediately since they have the information at their fingertips.

Builder/GC Commercial: More $101 million to $250 million

Silver: Roebbelen Contracting

Roebbelen Contracting’s, www.roebbelen.com, El Dorado Hills, Calif., internal IT experts walked the company’s jobsites, taking notes on iPads, to create a new system that saved time and promoted efficiencies for this builder of institutional, commercial, industrial, and public works projects. The IT team integrated systems to enhance its internal communications as well as how it services its clients.

Builder/GC Commercial: More than $500 million

Gold: DPR Construction

A revised standard for measuring concrete floor flatness opened the way for laser scanning technology to analyze the construction quality, but left open innovation possibilities. DPR Construction, www.dpr.com, Redwood City, Calif., decided to go one better on the update by creating its own methodology. The technology enabled DPR to identify and mitigate quality issues at the ideal time—early—and made corrective action easy and inexpensive.

Builder/GC Commercial: More than $500 million

Gold: Satterfield & Pontikes Construction

Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, www.satpon.com, Houston, Texas, saved the day for the local school district when it used a cloud-based software platform and building information modeling software to identify more than $13 million in expenses and resolve a deadline project in a few days. To do so, Satterfield & Pontikes used a platform that lets architectural, engineering, and construction companies leverage 3D BIM data for better project insight, collaboration, and data-driven decisions.

Builder/GC Commercial: More than $500 million
Silver: Rudolph Libbe Companies

Rudolph Libbe Companies, www.rlgbuilds.com, Walbridge, Ohio, enjoyed an estimated $50,000 in cost savings annually just by automating its invoice approval and processing. The automation of Rudolph Libbe Companies’ accounts payable invoicing process and other critical business procedures via software freed workers from having to manually enter information and processing invoices by mailing or checking status via phone or email.

Corporate Owner: Retail/Chain

Gold: Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, www.loves.com, Oklahoma City, Okla., runs restaurants as well as more than 420 gasoline and diesel fuel truck stops in 40 states, and updated its technology to deal with its 2014 decision to nearly quadruple the number of new stores it builds annually.

The company went live with Projectmates from Systemates, www.systemates.com, Richardson, Texas, and uses it for budget controls, reporting, scheduling, task tracking, construction workflow, communication, document management, electronic approvals, and more.

Love’s innovative implementation enabled the company to complete 47 projects in 2016, up 74% from 27 projects in 2015 and a significant leap from the 10 to 15 projects, on average, each year prior to 2015.

The software also reduced the time it took for project-information updates to less than two hours for more than 55 projects, compared with the previous pace of two hours to complete 10 projects. The result: Love’s is doing nearly four times the volume of construction while scaling staffing by less than half that.

The technology consolidated Love’s data scattered across various personal computers and servers, as well as paper copies of ever-changing plans, into one location with a mobile app for workers in the field.

Partnering contractors, engineers, and vendors also adopted the technology as the single point of reference for project information and collaboration.

These efficiencies have boosted Love’s competitiveness, since budgets, purchase orders, contracts, change orders, and pay applications are created in the software and routed seamlessly through electronic approval processes.

In the two years since the company adopted the technology, Love’s has generated nearly 3,500 purchase orders totaling more than $76 million and 1,100 pay apps totaling more than $516 million.

Love’s is also using the systems collaborative two-way bidding to bid out its general contractor, fuel contractors, canopy, signage, and other items.

Love’s Site Detail Report is tailor-made for senior leadership so they can see what’s being done, track key schedule milestones, and see when stores are being open. The Site Detail Report pulls realtime information in minutes and is distributed to more than 600 people in the company.

Corporate Owner: Industrial/MFG.

Gold: Turner Industries

Turner Industries, www.turner-industries.com, Baton Rouge, La., developed the “Tool Tracking As a Service” software, called “Tool Buddy,” to replace standalone tool-tracking software and siloed pen-and-paper systems that left room for error and offered no centralized way to track valuable craftsmen’s tools across more than 260 heavy industrialized jobsites. Since going live with the software at the first jobsite in 2016, Turner was able to measure improvements in the efficiency of the tool checkout process, resulting in 2,691 saved hours due to the tool room improvements.

Specialty Contractor: Concrete Work

Gold: Klorman Construction

Klorman Construction, www.klorman.com, Los Angeles, Calif., had a goal to develop a workflow that would mine Klorman’s project database to extract the required information, format it, and produce a report to provide details such as an owner’s monthly progress report, site specific quality control report, weekly project performance report, risk issue analysis report, and pull planning. Klorman’s staff can now produce this critical information on the fly.

Specialty Contractor: Electrical Work $26 million to $100 million

Gold: Staff Electric

Staff Electric’s, www.staffelectric.com, Milwaukee and Madison, Wis., latest innovation—moving employee time scheduling to Web and mobile realtime connectivity—is an example of jumping onto a business opportunity. The company leveraged enterprise construction software to eliminate dated paper time cards filled out by hand and upgrade to Web and mobile systems.

Specialty Contractor: Electrical Work $251 million to $500 million

Gold: Faith Technologies

Faith Technologies, www.faithtechnologies.com, Menasha, Wis., heralded for its safety and innovation leadership combined electrical meter-monitoring software with software that controls a building’s heating and cooling systems, and then integrated advanced lighting control and occupancy sensors into that combined system.

Specialty Contractor: Electrical Work More than $500 million

Gold: Rosendin Electric

Rosendin Electric, www.rosendin.com, San Jose, Calif., has digitized its pre-task planning processes so employees may more easily collaborate and communicate. Its digitization initiative allows for effortless data entry by dictation and produces legible pre-task planning documents that are clearly printed out. Employees can fill out permits easily and email them directly to the safety manager on site.

Specialty Contractor: Plumbing, HVAC

Gold: Shapiro & Duncan

Shapiro & Duncan, www.shapiroandduncan.com, Rockville, Md., married two of its software innovations to get realtime cost data on fabrication assemblies as they are built. Shapiro & Duncan is using its latest software to document weld maps for its more technical weld specifications. The setup enables the company to step in to ensure that quality assurance and quality control processes are being followed, thus assuring clients the highest-quality craftsmanship.

Specialty Contractor: Roofing, Siding, and Sheet Material

Gold: Progressive Services, D.B.A. Progressive Roofing

Progressive Services, D.B.A. Progressive Roofing, www.progressiveroofing.us, Phoenix, Ariz., adopted software to improve its payroll process, run field jobs from the office, let employees use photo authentication to ensure employees are clocking in and out on their workdays, and use the GPS feature to verify that employees were on the jobsite clocking in and out of work for more accurate, location-based labor hours.

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