Getting the right information in the right hands at the right time has always been critical to ensuring success in the construction industry. Today, products are being newly released, upgraded, and enhanced to offer exactly what the residential construction industry needs in today’s competitive market.

This is also in line with trends currently happening across all of the IT (information technology) sector. For instance, IDC,, Framingham, Mass., predicts that in 2018, 75% of CIOs will put experimental engagement, data monetization, or digital business at scale at the top of their agenda.

This is compounded by the fact that enterprise-mobility management is growing, and workers need information all the time. Strategy Analytics,, Boston, Mass., even predicts that the EMM (enterprise-mobility management) market will become centralized control points for how employees and devices connect to enterprise data and IT resources.

For residential homebuilders, the technology market in construction is keeping pace with the evolving trends in the overall IT sector. Today, a group of products is enabling users to access data, anytime and anywhere, streamlining business operations for companies.

To help identify the best technology on the market, Constructech recognizes the most innovative solutions in the construction industry with a Top Products award.

When judging the Top Products, the editors, along with the editorial board and other industry advisors, take into consideration the backbone and core functionality of each platform, but also new functionality that will allow homebuilders to develop strategies around mobile, BIM (building information modeling), and collaboration.

Top Products can fall within three categories: Concept Product, New Product, or Trusted Product. The Concept Product category features new technology concepts that are less than three months old, while New Products have been in the market for less than two years. The Trusted Product category features technology that has been in the market for at least three years, and have been upgraded or enhanced.

The key objective is the research that is conducted will help you identify the best products in the construction market as well as the software solutions necessary to implement in 2018 and beyond.

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