Women are rising up the ranks in construction companies, and contributing to the use of technology across an organization, but the numbers still tell an interesting story about the status of women in AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) occupations last year.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Washington, D.C., in 2016, 44.3% of full-time wage and salary workers were women across all industries.

Breaking this down even further, among STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), women accounted for even a smaller share of the tech workforce. In science, women make up 42.2%, while they represent 25.2% in computer and mathematical occupations. These numbers tumble even more, showing only 14%, in architecture and engineering. Sadly women make up only 9.1% of those employed in the construction industry, according to 2016 numbers.

The good news is this number has rose slightly—from 8.9%—since the first annual Constructech Women in Construction was announced.

Women in this industry are making progress—although the numbers still aren’t representing significant market penetration just yet.

There are a number of initiatives that are set to change the game in the construction industry. For instance, in June, the city of New York announced significant progress of OneNYC goal to award $16 billion to minority and women-owned businesses. One of the challenges has always been small business accessing surety bonds to offer collateral to ensure businesses can perform on city construction contracts. This program allows businesses to apply for funds of up to $500,000 or 50% of the contract amount. This is only one example; initiatives such as this will help women-led businesses gain more momentum.

Together, women and men can drive change with BIM (building information modeling), ERP (enterprise-resource planning), cloud, mobile, and so much more. As with any construction project, it begins by working together to develop innovative ideas for how to move the industry forward.

This is one of the reasons Constructech magazine honors the Women in Construction each year. Women are a core component of helping the industry evolve—and they have a strong voice for how to move the tech evolution forward. As it has in the past, this year Constructech is recognizing a new batch of amazing women. These women are tenacious and many don’t want to talk about gender bias—rather they want to just focus on cultivating change, educating the next generation, and advancing the construction industry. These women are not only leading the charge for technology in construction, but they are doing it with integrity, tenacity, and passion.

The first year Constructech honored women, it took quite a bit of research to uncover 38 deserving women. Since that time, there have been a surge of women working in technology and their companies are eager to recognize their achievements. This year, Constructech readers nominated more than 100 women for consideration. Combine this with the ongoing research Constructech editors have been doing throughout the past year, making the selection of 38 was a very challenging one. Still, only 38 could be named. It is with great honor we recognize the 2017 Constructech Women in Construction.

Elizabeth Bigler

Project Engineer
McCarthy Building Companies

Elizabeth Bigler has always been an advocate for the use of technology in her work. In grad school, she worked for a construction technology company, which sparked her interest in the way technology currently impacts business and beyond. Today, she is responsible for helping find those technology solutions that are the most effective and cost efficient for both the project owner and McCarthy Building Companies. She has played a key role in the use of a 360-degree camera and her project team proposed the use of aerial photography with drones, which has resulted in the adoption of the technology on many projects. Elizabeth is involved with community outreach and recruiting efforts with college students at Texas A&M University. She also helped establish a women’s peer group within the Texas division of McCarthy.

Laura Blood Velotta

MEP Project Manager
J.H. Findorff & Son

Laura Blood Velotta works on all types of building systems. Her responsibilities range from MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) coordination and commissioning to facility reviews and quality-control inspections. She works closely with the virtual construction team on BIM, uses thermal imaging cameras to influence HVAC decisions, and DDC (digital duct control) thermostats to track energy consumption. It is imperative that all team members use the latest versions of software and hardware, and thus she is actively researching best practices and brings her findings and recommendations to projects. For instance, she developed an internal protocol for the thermal imaging camera. Laura has also become a mentor to several women in her company and lectures young ladies through Engineering Tomorrow’s Careers Camp, where she presents to 11th and 12th grade women interested in studying engineering in college.

Donna Bonghi

Corporate Construction Talent Manager
Bechtel Global Corp.

Donna Bonghi is responsible for developing and delivering training for construction professionals, which includes a college hire immersion program through site managers, field engineers, and field superintendents. She has been influential in moving training from a classroom setting at project sites to a virtual platform that can be assessed by more construction personnel and also lends to the company’s internal certifications. This virtual training can be applied to other companies that Bechtel may be involved with through a joint venture. This has significantly minimized the cost of travel and incidentals for the company. Donna works with all of the business lines in developing strategic plans for improving diversity at construction sites. This includes the ability for woman to get the same training, certifications, and advancements that male counterparts have traditionally received.

Shelia Brooks

Senior Manager Bus. Applications – IT
Shawmut Design and Construction

Shelia Brooks leads the team that keeps internal applications functional, including the company’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) system and implementation of new project management and subsequent database integrations. Shawmut has experienced tremendous growth during her tenure, and she has personally grown the Business Applications team, overseeing new activity in business intelligence and other leading-edge initiatives. In her role, she spends quite a bit of time networking and developing key relationships with both industry partners and vendors, in order to ensure that a technology implementation goes off without a hitch. Sheila is a leader in the Women in Construction group at Shawmut, helping to host a number of events and networking programs. She also continues to influence how technology enhances the business, enabling the construction company to remain a cutting-edge business on the frontier of new efficiencies and technologies.

Halley Brown

Staff Project Controls Specialist
Burns & McDonnell

With a Bachelors in Physics, Halley Brown has experience on government-funded projects, blending quantitative thinking with hands-on experience in both operations and project support. At Burns & McDonnell, she works with engineering and procurement to drive schedules on multiple large and small scale transmission and distribution projects, prepare cost reports, and maintain cash flow projections. She also has been influential in creating new reporting systems to manage the workload of engineering in order to meet client deadlines for outage and construction. In her free time, she volunteers for different fundraising events, which includes RingSide and the Poker Tournament thrown by Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. She serves as a role model for others both within her company and in the industry as a whole.

Carol Cadengo

Assistant Project Manager
SpawGlass Contractors

Carol Cadengo is an intricate part of her company’s success, having recently lead the charge of RFIs (requests for information), meeting minutes, and compliance issue on the $45 million McAllen Performing Arts Center, and she is just starting the $45 million Texas A&M Kingsville campus music education building. She is responsible for coaching the design team, subcontractors, and other team members on how to collaborate with software systems. Carol is also a strong believer in giving back to the community and helping develop future construction leaders. She volunteers at the Mercedes High School Construction Dept., providing resources and guest lectures, and has also reached out to young ladies at Harlingen CISD (Consolidated Independent School District) interested in the construction industry.

Elizabeth Cassin

Associate Principal/Unit Manager
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates

Elizabeth Cassin is an expert in the field of building science and predicting the way moisture and air move through building enclosures. She is constantly pushing the envelope with regard to technology, using much of the modeling software, while additionally questioning how to make them better and capable of modeling more accurate real world conditions. One of her goals for the office is improving knowledge and efficiency for many of the programs used for collecting data relative to work on existing buildings. With her ability to learn quickly about new building technologies from materials to systems and airtightness of buildings, she has improved the company’s role in building science and enclosure commissioning. Elizabeth also serves as a mentor for all colleagues, but especially women. She is a role model to others, helping them realize that being a mother and a professional in the architecture and construction industry is very doable.

Ronda Conger

Vice President
CBH Homes

Ronda Conger is a leader, friend, and supporter to all 100 employees at CBH Homes, overseeing all areas of the company daily from sales, to technology, to customer service, design studio, and construction. She has personally spearheaded all technology improvements. When she first arrived, the company was using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and she has pushed the company to use an integrated technology system. She encourages all teams to question their processes and find a better solution. Ronda also serves as an encourager for the company, sending out Better Thinking (a quote for the day) to an email list of more than 1,100 colleagues, friends, and family. Her goal is to provide new perspective and push people to learn and stretch their minds. She is also a leader and mentor to her team, which is made up of 70% women—a rare statistic in homebuilding.

Julie Davenport

Project Manager
Cutler Associates

Julie Davenport currently works on Linden Ponds project, leveraging technology for realtime communication within the company and among subcontractors and the project owner. She has always been a leader and promoter of technology, which has allowed the company to move forward and better serve clients. She has helped project teams and field staff overcome small hurdles that otherwise would keep them from using technology and reverting back to paper. Julie is a great teacher and mentor to new hires, interns, and other team members. She is also on the board at the Young Woman’s Professional Assn., where she plays an active role in organization events to promote young women in business, and is a volunteer and serves on the Functions Committee at her company.

Elcin Ertugrul

Senior Applications Designer, CORE Studio
Thornton Tomasetti

Elcin Ertugrul moved to the United States from Turkey in 2009, and earned a master’s degree in product architecture and engineering. Today, her work is an intersection of architecture, engineering, and computer science, as she is part of a team that develops and prototypes Web applications that enhance collaboration between her company and clients. She works closely with the project teams to develop custom tools and solve project challenges. She is also part of the CORE Studio team, which continues to address the limitations on modern FEA (finite element analysis) with several suites of tools, which are either add-ins to commercial software or packaged as stand-alone applications. In her spare time, she has participated in four AEC hackathons where she teams up with acquaintances to prototype fully open-source applications. She leads a team of women developers for one of her R&D projects.

Pam Fisher

Executive Vice President
Construction Coordinators

Pam Fisher spent many years in banking, honing skills in finance, management, and marketing before becoming part of the founding team of Construction Coordinators in 1991. She is able to use those skills today in the overall management of the construction organization, and has been directly involved in the decisionmaking process for all of the technology purchases and improvements throughout the life of the company and has helped to enforce a rigorous metrics-based approach to technology adoption. She is additionally responsible for expanding the construction company’s profile in the local real estate community and is a member of the board of directors of the Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts where she is the only woman representing local contractors in the industry. Pam is a member of many organizations including WELL, an organization of women involved in the design and construction industry that provides mentorship for mid-career women with leadership potential.

Elizabeth Goodwin

Business Development Manager
Doster Construction

Elizabeth Goodwin is involved in the front-end, client relations portion of a project. Her education and work background is focused in technology. With this, she is able to assist in the Doster Virtual Technology and BIM Departments, and is also proficient in InDesign, CRM software, and has been a part of communicating Doster’s LIDAR technology. Her expertise extends into the community as well. While serving as a mentor in the Ace Mentor Program, she developed a LEGO drawing designed to teach high school students how to read drawings, where they used LEGOs to estimate, schedule, and construct Overton High School Tower. Elizabeth also serves on the Go Build Tennessee Board, the Women in Business Committee, and ACE Alumni Committee. She is responsible for reaching out to other women and has hosted Career Days for multiple high school students.

Kristin Harper-Smith

Senior Project Manager
Suffolk Construction

Kristin Harper-Smith views technology use in construction as “the way of the industry.” In her early years in construction, she saw the disruption caused by the introduction of building information modeling, challenging the industry rookie to learn and adapt to the use of modeling technologies. Today, she can attest to the value and efficiency that has been added by these new tools and serves as a mentor to a construction veteran on her team, a senior superintendent, on the adoption and implementation of the latest systems. She leverages a variety of different methods and technologies including lean planning and modeling and coordination technologies for every phase of the construction process. Suffolk’s growing momentum in the L.A. market and the amplification of the “build smart” approach can be credited in part to Kristin’s practice of the company’s values. Her leadership style of “show, don’t tell” has resulted in efficient use of the technology.

Susan Jillson

Chief Estimator
Walsh Construction

Susan Jillson manages numerous projects and mentors young project engineers and interns. She is responsible for teaching all the estimators how to use the bidding and estimating software, and is influential in new technology for the department. In fact, Susan helped write the custom database, as well as the custom reports that the company uses today. She knows the estimating process that Walsh has branded and is able to implement new changes. Additionally, she is involved in mentoring every new estimator in the department and teaches class every Wednesday morning on a variety of subjects, while also inviting outside vendors to present every Friday. In her spare time, Susan is a very active member in her church.

Lauren Ladowski

Director of Accounts

Lauren Ladowski leads several construction technology initiatives at her company including the implementation of a new project-management platform, a customer-facing estimating application, and a social-media-type application for the company’s clients. She has implemented systems, processes, and procedures that ensure client success on every jobs. Construction projects are complex and often stressful for many involved, but through the use of the construction technology Lauren implements, one of the company’s core values is achieved: make the construction process enjoyable and beneficial for clients and associates. Lauren was the first female intern and full-time project manager hired to the Chicago team, and is an active member of CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women). She sets a high bar and is leading more and more women in the construction industry to excellence every day.

Lisa Leighton

Construction Analyst
Ryan Companies

Lisa Leighton is the central resource for identifying best practices and rolling out initiatives to project coordinators across the country. This includes employing the best construction technology to responsibilities, along with training, change management, and long-term administration. She is an integral part of the evaluation, selection, and implementation of construction technologies and her insight into team dynamics, collaboration, and real world scenarios make her invaluable to the adoption of technology for daily uses. Lisa additionally conducts weekly remote trainings in order to promote and support the technology these workers use each and every day. This includes a wide range of tools such as accounting software, expense reimbursement, billing time entry, project management, drawing and submittal review and workflow, and esignature. She is additionally a member of Ryan’s Women Inclusion Network and takes a role in the American Heart Assn. of Central Iowa.

Christine Lemons

CAM Construction Services

As the president and owner, Christine Lemons is the heart and soul of CAM Construction Services. She brings more than 20 years of senior level construction management skills to the company and is forward thinking, always educating herself on the newest technology in the business. Christine is involved in all projects, ensuring quality control and safety exceed expectations, which is managed through effective communication processes and digital daily reports with photographs. She started this company back in 2009, when the industry took a hit, but worked tirelessly to get her business recognized and grew it into a multibillion dollar operation. She knows how difficult it can be to be a woman in this industry and enjoys hiring and working with other women in construction, while serving as a role model for those that she works with.

Amanda Manteufel

Project Manager
Miron Construction Co.

Amanda Manteufel is responsible for managing all project activities including, but not limited to, preliminary planning, budget development, financial control, value engineering assessments, scheduling, and coordination of construction activity, project closeout, and owner occupancy. She continues to embrace new technologies such as ERP (enterprise resource planning), BIM (building information modeling)/virtual construction tools, and robotic total stations. Amanda has overseen planning for, and the incorporation of, technological elements pertaining to the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, Pro Shop, and 1919 Restaurant, including ordering, back-of-house, point-of-sale, and sound-system tools. She is also a driving force behind Miron’s annual Build Like a Girl event that exposes young girls to the construction industry, and has mentored countless young women, providing them with a depiction of all the opportunities of a career in construction.

Tori Menold

Business Process Manager
Granger Construction Co.

Tori Menold is tasked with process improvement and business alignment, innovation and continuous improvement, business process compliance, research and development, and technology adoption, integration, and roll out. She also serves as the key interface between field teams and the IT department, communicating the day-to-day technology needs to IT. This includes problem identification, solutioning and serving as a general sounding board for the field. She is additionally the champion and super user of all construction-facing technology. Tori contributes to the growth of the construction company through thought leadership and shares her knowledge to user groups. Tori is also a leader of a group to discuss women in the skilled trades and has been involved in various women’s organizations.

Regan Meredith

Secretary/Treasurer & VP Estimating
Dick Anderson Construction

Regan Meredith comes from a construction background and has been key to helping her family set up their business with a plan for operations. At Dick Anderson Construction, she has lead the charge to transition to new estimating and takeoff software, while setting up the database for historical costs and production rates. She also assisted in selecting the new scheduling and estimating software and helped the company transition from manual takeoffs to electronic. She is a key member of the estimating committee and is an integral part of procuring new projects. Regan is also a member of the Women in Business organization in Montana and is a PTA member at Montana City School.

Ashley Nichols

Engineering Team Leader
Faith Technologies

Ashley Nichols provides electrical designs, BIM models, and detail assembly drawings for high-rise residential and commercial building design/build projects and works closely with owners, customers, internal construction project managers, suppliers, and utility contactors to create cost-effective electrical power and lighting designs. She is currently involved in several high-rise residential construction projects that use BIM and offsite prefabricated assemblies, which allows projects to be installed faster and safer, due to more work being performed in a controlled environment. Ashley works to stay knowledgeable of industry standards and best practices, and helps to promote the use of technologies to ensure project success. During the summer of 2016, she invested her time and efforts to mentor a female engineering intern who has since joined Ashley’s team.

Kavya Paladugu

Business Systems Analyst
Rosendin Electric

Kavya Paladugu manages and implements key operations applications including the company’s project management system, and is responsible for gathering, training, and supporting the applications deployed across the country. She is passionate about technology and shows her willingness to find solutions to issues raised in the field. The support the field receives on operations applications has led to wider adoption of applications at the jobsite. Kavya was also a key player in developing the company’s corporate intranet application in 2013 and moving technology to the cloud. She is a mentor to the other women on the team, helping them be successful.

Marissa Petty

Project Engineer
Carollo Engineers

Marissa Petty coordinates directly with the contractor and owner throughout the construction project, reviewing submittals, answering RFIs, developing change orders, performing inspections, and facilitating startup. She has been at the forefront of integrating tablet use in construction projects, facilitating field inspections, punch lists, and daily reports. Marissa is additionally a trusted advisor by clients and has a strong understanding of the complex electrical systems in water and wastewater treatment plants. This enables her to help guide corporate owners through the decisionmaking process to end up with a constructed project that is reliable and operator-friendly. She is also currently mentoring another female electrical engineer, giving her exposure to both the design and construction-related aspects of projects.

Michelle Philyaw

Construction Manager
Gannett Fleming

Michelle Philyaw supports project owners through all phases of construction, providing invaluable management, while driving quality assurance best practices. She has improved the company’s project document-management system to meet state and federal records management requirements, reducing hard-copy paper records and facilitating mobile records access, while also encouraging field personnel to use tablets to instantly load and access all records in a central location, dramatically reducing time spent on documentation management and facilitating realtime resolution to issues in the field. Michelle is an advocate for her profession and a role model for women in her field. She mentors new women inspectors and encourages them to participate in professional societies. Once a month, she conducts presentations and workshops for students and teachers at two local high schools.

Lisa Pickell

Orren Pickell Building Group

Lisa Pickell began her career with a high-end design-build firm in Ohio, and her natural leadership skills and client-focused approach led Orren to appoint her as chief operating officer in 2010. Today she oversees every aspect of the daily operation, with a focus on managing the Purchasing Department to ensure the timeliness, consistency, and validity of every bid. Lisa is committed to continuing the tradition of excellence throughout the company and ensuring that everything goes smoothly during the designing and building of a client’s dream home. She is an active member of the Executive’s Club of Chicago and a docent with the Chicago Architecture Foundation, and is involved in local trade organizations including the Homebuilders Assn. of Greater Chicago, and the National Assn. of Homebuilders.

Marguerite Pinto

Senior Associate
Thornton Tomasetti

Marguerite Pinto runs the experimental mechanics practice, which uses technology to monitor and control structural behavior and provide structural testing expertise. More specifically, she monitors the sway of tall buildings to determine structural health. With her background in structural experimental mechanics, she was instrumental in the development of the Hummingbird Damper, which is a fluid harmonic damper that will revolutionize the tuned mass damper industry, and she is listed in the patent. These devices are the generally heavy pendulums swinging or sliding at the upper stories of buildings as large tanks fill with water to reduce the sway of these tall buildings. The new device will be smaller and much less expensive. She additionally works collaboratively and selflessly across offices to solve large and often unusual projects. Bottomline: She manages to get things done.

Taylor Precourt

IT Release Manager
Power Design Inc.

Taylor Precourt leads the IT Release Management team, beginning with scoping out an entire release management plan to ensure all products are successfully deployed, then monitoring all products and applications and results. Based on results, she then contributes to all change management initiatives. She is currently leading the release of a companywide Project Dashboard, which will help Power Design’s teams to better align and collaborate, while providing visibility to the status of all projects, and she is leading the release of an internal IT intranet. Taylor is involved with women in technology groups in the local community, and she is also very invested in the success of her employees and peers, providing many growth opportunities.

Sharon Richey

Owner and CIO
LSR Construction

Sharon Richey graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Forestry before becoming owner and CIO at her construction company. Today she helps head up LSR Construction, which is an Indianapolis-based contractor that specializes in additions, concrete, custom wood work, remodels, wall covering, and various avenues of construction that aren’t seen as often. The residential construction company is setting the foundation for the future by using the most current forms of building ideologies and technology. Today, Sharon is helping bring in the second generation into the family-run residential general contracting firm, adding a new wave of thinking to the construction company’s existing expertise. Sharon has lived in the Indianapolis community for more than 50 years, and is a dynamic member of the Indianapolis community.

Vaitheki Sekar

Rosendin Electric

Vaitheki Sekar was responsible for managing key operations applications and is an expert with these technologies. She proactively came up with ideas on how to improve the company’s applications and was not afraid to experiment with new technology. Vaitheki worked on a way to track productivity and daily reports on time cards to enable a user one application to record all the progress data needed on the field, and worked on a standardization project to enable all Rosendin projects to follow standards and best practices. She has also been a mentor to the other two women on the team, helping them be successful in their endeavors as well, and has participated in women’s technology forums.

Emily Shirley

New South Construction

Emily Shirley works with the VDC department on 4D schedules and methodically captures various components required to build structures. She thoroughly and categorically includes these on schedules and has been able to translate the building process into 4D presentations, helping clients better understand where their project will be during various times of the construction period through completion. New South Construction incorporates her knowledge and digital depictions of end product in proposals and presentations, making presentations stand out and giving the company an extremely enviable hit ratio. She has been selected on numerous occasions to be a speaker in front of agencies.

Elizabeth Smith

Business Analyst, Information Technology
Brasfield & Gorrie

Elizabeth Martin “Marti” Smith is a member of the agile development team and heads the committee responsible for understanding and approving technology releases to the corporation. Her overall goal is to improve the company’s business processes that are impacted by technology. She excels at identifying the changes, challenges, and benefits that new technology brings to the company’s end users, and was integral in implementing Brasfield & Gorrie’s new company intranet, Connect, which was custom built by the company. Marti contributes to growing technology use in the industry and supports women as an active participant in Atlanta’s Women in Technology group. She is also actively involved in the STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) program at North Cobb Christian School and helps raise support and awareness of the need for technology in the classroom.

Amanda Stacy

Building Enclosure Consultant
WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff

Amanda Stacy coordinates with both contractors and architects to help deliver a project that meets both party’s requirements as well as the owners. She takes part in drawing and specification consulting in the design phase that helps to inform her on-site construction observation in the construction phase. She has transferred her interest in technology to her company and has encouraged the office’s transition from CAD (computer-aided design) to BIM (building information modeling) technology to increase and streamline services. Amanda is also the chair of the DC chapter of the AIA Technology Committee, which has members that are part of the construction industry in the D.C. area who are interested in how technology can advance their field.

Hilary Thien

Business Development Manager
The Weitz Co.

Hilary Thien started as a project engineer, moving into the role of project manager, and now serves as the business development manager. In this role, she always makes sure she pushes VDC and technology-driven ideas to the company’s clients. Recently, Hilary played a major role in winning a construction job where she could show how VDC helps make things easier. In addition to her work at The Weitz Co., she is a visiting faculty member at the University of Nebraska – Omaha, presenting the college students with realtime construction knowledge and serves on the board of directors for Children’s Square in Council Bluffs. Hilary loves that she has the opportunity to work with people she considers friends and drive home each night past buildings she helped make a reality.

Pam Townsend

Danella Construction

Pam Townsend went to college to become a math teacher, but knew it wasn’t a fit. Fortunately, MIS departments were starting up in companies, and this quickly became her niche. She has spent more than 20 years in various IT positions, and today provides the technology tools to support Danella Construction, allowing employees to do their job in the most efficient manner to provide a competitive advantage. She also pays close attention to making sure the tools have the proper security in place to minimize any risk to Danella. Pam is a music lover who enjoys international travel, having visited places such as Singapore, Israel, and Isle of Man, just to name a few.

Viviana Vumbaca

Senior Project Director
Thornton Tomasetti

Viviana Vumbaca is the company’s resident scanning and survey technologist, traveling to many of the offices to solve specific needs when typical assessment tools are not effective or when data provided by others is questionable. She recently worked on a construction project where she lead the development of a tool to evaluate or measure joist hangers installed in a warehouse comprising almost seven acres of roof area with joists every two feet. The process photographs the connectors from the ground and then rapidly makes a measurement from the photograph and files the data into a summary and detailed report. With this in place, the company was able to train staff and process the photographs 10 times faster than trying to obtain the measurements directly on site, which saved the client millions of dollars.

Nicole Waits

Project Solutions Manager
Ryan Companies

Nicole Waits drives digital construction methods such as rollout and training of bid, project management, preconstruction, estimating, and all data-driven systems and platforms, which requires a special mix of professional, technical, and people skills. She is continually blending in new processes, best practices, and techniques to better leverage in-house technologies, as well as vetting and evaluating new technologies. Nicole also spends her time training, mentoring, and giving back to women at her company and in the industry. She leads by doing—and doing well—and has an external presence in the industry as a speaker and presenter, which  severs as an empowering example to other women.

Chondra Webster Myers

WEBMyers Construction

Chondra Webster Myers is involved with business development, estimating, and the day-to-day running of the business, and brought in project-management software, which has set the company apart from other construction companies in the market, creating greater collaboration and adding hours back to their day. By bringing technology into the fold, Chondra has saved money for her company by reducing the cost of production in the hours and days. She is also a certified Women Owned Small Business in Georgia and the city of Atlanta, and is certified with the National Minority Supplier Development Counsel. She is passionate about supporting other minority and women-owned businesses.

Serena Zeng

Director of IT
Govan Brown Construction Managers

Serena Zeng has been leading all technology decisions at Govan Brown Construction Managers since 2005. She implemented and manages an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, keeps all technology up-to-date, and recently has started to move to cloud-based solutions. When the ERP system was first implemented, company revenue was $40 million Canadian, and it has grown to $350 million. Technology, in general, has contributed significantly to the growth through more effective project and financial management. Serena goes out of her way to mentor women in the office, which includes training them to be “super users” of technology. She also shares implementation experiences and lessons learned with other women in the technology user community.