Construction professionals recognize the skilled labor shortage is causing a ripple effect that is impacting every single business across the country. The good news; however, is that technology can help in a big way, especially if implemented at the right time within the right company.

Forrester Research,, Cambridge, Mass., suggests 2018 will be the year when a majority of enterprises will start dealing with the hard facts, which include embracing technology solutions such as AI (artificial intelligence), big data, and cloud computing, among others.

Further, companies will harvest insights using both data analytics and qualitative methods and will then implement insights in software to drive revenue and expand competitive barriers. This will allow business to sustain 27%-40% annual growth. Today, the good news is there is a significant opportunity for construction companies, if they are able to tap into that data effectively. The challenge is identifying how to best leverage that intelligence. This is where the Constructech Top Products comes into play. To help identify the best technology on the market, Constructech recognizes the most innovative solutions in the construction industry with a Top Products award.

When judging the Top Products, the editors, along with the editorial board and other industry advisors, take into consideration the backbone and core functionality of each platform, but also new functionality that will allow contractors to develop strategies for the year ahead.

Top Products can fall within three categories: Concept Product, New Product, or Trusted Product. The Concept Product category features new technology concepts that are less than three months old, while New Products have been in the market for less than two years, and the Trusted Product category have been in the market for at least three years, and the technology has been upgraded or enhanced.

The 2018 residential Constructech Top Product winners were already highlighted in a special IBS (Intl. Builders Show) print and digital January issue. Please refer to the sidebar for this list and refer to the January issue for full write-ups on these winners. On the pages that follow are the 2018 commercial Constructech Top Product winners. These products will enable construction companies to derive greater insights into business operations in 2018, ultimately improving processes and the bottomline.

The key objective is the research that is conducted will help construction firms seeking to find the best technology solutions identify the best solutions available today as well as the software products necessary to implement throughout 2018 and beyond. In the end, this will enable your businesses to operate at optimal efficiency, hopefully helping to lessen the impact felt by the skilled labor shortage.

Bentley Systems

Bentley Navigator

Bentley Systems

Bentley ProjectWise

Computer Guidance

eCMS v.4.1

Explorer Software


Maginox LLC


Pantera Global Technology

Pantera Mobile App

PMWeb, Inc.

PMWeb – Capital Project Management Software

Sensera Systems

MC26 Time-lapse Camera



The Estimating Edge


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