Most heavy construction companies, those involved in infrastructure projects especially, are long-time users of multiple software platforms. Every aspect of the project must be controlled and monitored for government regulation adherence and public liability. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic slowing and even stopping projects, contractors are looking for innovative ways to stay active while protecting their workers and the company’s assets.

Two major software companies involved in this segment, Command Alkon and HCSS, are working to help companies to quickly expand safe social distancing capabilities on critical infrastructure jobsites. The combination of Command Alkon’s eTicketing Essentials and HCSS’ Trucking Software will help contractors automate the collection of both material and truck tickets. The effort removes the need for person-to-person paper-based processes and together are available at no cost to users through June 30, 20.

HCSS Trucking enables contractors to track trucks on the jobsite and digitally record loads and timecards via a tablet or smartphone. When used alongside Command Alkon’s eTicketing Essentials, users receive electronic tickets for both materials and trucks all in one place.

Companies interested in obtaining the use of the software are encouraged to contact the developers through their Websites.

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