Government agencies are rarely known for being on the leading edge of technological change, but the OCPA (Orange County (Fla.) Property Appraiser’s Office) has begun employing advanced technology such as AI (artificial intelligence to aid a profession that requires precise measurements and analysis. The office employs 140 skilled professionals with an array of new applications to serve the public including a field customer service survey tool, and a website chatbot that uses conversational intelligence. OCPA has also implemented an AI-powered financial solution.

Orange County is a major vacation destination—the region had 75 million visitors in 2019—and has many unique properties for the office to value. For example, it is responsible for the accurate assessment of seven major theme parks, four water parks, more than 16,000 timeshare units, and nearly 90,000 hotel rooms. In addition, since 2012 the total market value of the county has risen 89% to $208.2 billion.

OCPA’s new cloud-based, AI (artificial intelligence)-powered customer service survey offers field appraisers a convenient way to gather customer feedback on the platform of their choice; the survey can be accessed through several user-friendly channels, including QR code, text message questionnaire, SMS link, and email, and is offered in eight languages.

Once the survey is complete, the program’s AI-based sentiment analysis unit reviews the feedback and flags management to address any negative remarks. This tool allows the agency to measure customer service more efficiently and identifies training opportunities.

The agency is also the first Property Appraiser’s office in Florida to leverage a conversational chatbot. The chatbot—Ask Rick—which has engaged in nearly 2,000 conversations since its launch in mid-December, can answer questions and direct customers to pages on OCPA’s website for more information. If the constituent has a more complex situation, the chatbot alerts a trained staff member to provide more specialized care. Since its beta launch last year, the chatbot is constantly evolving to better assist constituents.

OCPA’s finance management team has adopted an AI-based system which utilizes machine learning to code and sort funding requests and assists the agency’s financial team with invoices and approval processes. Now OCPA’s complex back-office financial functions can be completed in a timelier, more effective manner.

These advancements join technologies such as OCPA’s drone program that allows field appraisers who are licensed drone pilots to capture data from the air that further assists in documenting structures in hard to reach or newly developed areas of the county.

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