Here at Constructech, we have reported on the value of being able to move data through the construction lifecycle of a project—from design, to construction, and ultimately maintenance and management of a facility. Ideally, BIM (building information modeling) data is generated and shared with everyone throughout the entire project. Now, a new cooperation will help enable a 3D building lifecycle.

Pointfuse and Leica Geosystems, a Hexagon company, announced an agreement to streamline the use of reality capture data. The streamlined workflow provides a solution to capture and convert point clouds into deliverables that drive every stage of the building lifecyle, from design to construction, operations, and maintenance.

As Matt Wheelis, Hexagon’s Geosystems division global business development leader for building construction, says, “Rich 3D data has a crucial role in digital construction workflows. Projects are dependent upon the right information being in the hands of the relevant team members and stakeholders at the right time. This new workflow applies intelligence to assist the user to accelerate the time to actionable information for decision-makers, whether before, during, or after construction.”

As part of this cooperation, Pointfuse has developed a new version of its software, called Pointfuse, powered by Jetstream, which gives the users of Leica Geosystems solutions a Scan-2-BIM workflow within the Leica Jetstream ecosystem. Pointfuse, powered by Jetstream, is configured with tailored profiles specifically for Leica Geosystems 3D laser scanning data, including the Leica Geosystems LGS file format, to ensure the best results the first time.

The adoption of the LGS file format simplifies file sharing and enables Pointfuse to extract data contained within the LGS file to assist in the classification of building information and automate the workflow process. This will ensure a simple Scan-2-BIM workflow for space and facilities management. Paired together, the new Leica BLK2GO handheld imaging laser scanner and Pointfuse, powered by Jetstream, compress the time to capture and visualize buildings to a fraction of the time as compared to traditional 3D scanning solutions.

Steve Salmon, general manager at Pointfuse, explains, “This integrated solution overcomes many of the barriers associated with laser scanning and photogrammetry, through providing an optimized storage solution, instant data loading, and production of intelligent outputs. This platform enables Leica Geosystems users to exploit the intelligence captured in the point cloud, easily share outputs, and produce deliverables that drive the advancement of workflows in the digital age.”

Providing the centralized process to easily manage Leica Geosystems LGS scanning files and deliver intelligent 3D models and LOD 200 BIM outputs using Pointfuse’s automated Space Creator toolkit, this leverages the value of Leica Geosystems scanning solutions to digital construction and facility management professionals everywhere.

Connecting construction and operations have never been more important than it is today. This new partnership will help advance the 3D building lifecycle—today and for years to come.

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