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Advancing Estimating

Todd McCormick, president, McCormick Systems Inc.,, Chandler, Ariz., recently sat down with Constructech to discuss how its new technology will transform takeoffs.

Constructech: How has your product evolved in the past year, and what is coming next?

Design Estimating Pro is McCormick Systems’ revolutionary new digital takeoff software.   McCormick has taken digital takeoff to a new level by building OSE Pro directly into McCormick’s estimating software; essentially creating an all-in-one estimating and digital takeoff super program. Contractors can now easily upload their PDF building plans into the estimating software, set a customizable scale, then measure, count, and even design directly on to the PDF drawing. In the past year, we have upgraded Design Estimating Pro with design tools such as a symbol designer; contractors can now create their own symbols and shapes to add directly to a PDF drawing. Also, with the new grid feature, add any type of grid layout to the PDF for an easy design layout of lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures and pipe, racks, and hangers, or any other layout. Design build while you estimate, it doesn’t get any faster and easier than that.


Constructech: How will your product help builders improve business in 2017?

The numerous advancements being made in technology and software innovation mean keeping up is imperative to staying competitive. With McCormick, keeping up with technology is the name of the game. McCormick estimating software will increase productivity when it comes to bidding and project management putting you in front of the competition. Whether you need to bid more jobs, become more organized, track your job history, or create a more detailed project-management plan, McCormick is the most important tool in your toolbelt.


Constructech: What makes the product unique? How are you different from your competitors?

McCormick has been providing estimating and project-management software since 1979. With this unique history, McCormick has established some of the patents in estimating software and has built these patents and experience directly into the software. Also, with McCormick and thousands of users, McCormick has gained insight into what the contractor really wants in their everyday estimating and project-management software. The company’s customer service, “ready to go” estimating and project-management software, and deep roots into the industry sets the company apart from the competitors! McCormick is the nation’s leader in estimating and project-management software for all size contractors!

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