I remember the very first big acquisition I covered in the space. Roughly eight years ago, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems acquired Builder1440. Since that time, the acquisitions have been happening very quickly for the construction industry.

A blog Peggy Smedley penned at the beginning of this year covered the recent acquisition of Aconex by Oracle Corp., where she says:

“As I see it, the acquisition of Aconex only proves that Oracle is living up to its word to help construction companies become even more successful in this digital world heading in 2018 and beyond.

But this still leaves many to challenge whether the construction market is being consolidated among the three tech giants: Oracle, Trimble, and Autodesk. However, I would also toss in Viewpoint and JDM Technology Group/Explorer Software into that mix to round out the entire space. Thus, perhaps the bigger question everyone should be pondering is, are we headed for a Ma Bell-type scenario among these players?”

Shortly after that blog written, JDM Technology Group made a big acquisition announcement: Rendra AS. This is a bit different from some of its past acquisitions, as this company is a provider of 3D BIM (building information modeling) collaboration software that addresses all stages of construction projects from design, through construction, to facilities maintenance.

JDM says Rendra will continue to operate as a separate company with its existing staff in Norway. This is an interesting move for JDM Technology Group, which has now placed a stake in the BIM market.

We have seen other technology providers acquire BIM/collaboration companies to gain traction in this area and integrate for a complete system.

In fact, another very recent example comes from ConstructConnect this year, which acquired the Quote Software, a provider of estimating and building information modeling software and services for plumbing and mechanical contractors. This will give ConstructConnect a more complete solution for its customers.

Acquisitions are happening very quickly these days. It seems just as we cover one, another one is just around the corner. I think Peggy might be right. There is a lot of consolidation happening right now, and it is really only a matter of identifying who will be next.

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Laura Black
Laura Blackeditor