Supply and Demand Mismatch

Low inventory of houses in many parts of the country is causing an imbalance in supply and demand. While prices have gone up about 6.7% January 2020 versus 2019 not every area is seeing the same results. U.S. home-sale prices increased to a median of $306,400, according to a new report from Redfin, a real estate brokerage. Home prices were also up 0.7% month over month on a seasonally adjusted basis.

Cities as Factories

Cities are more than a collection of people and buildings; they house the innovation and resiliency needed to sustain nations—they are the factories producing the future. But cities change as their people change and surveys continuously monitor those changes. One of those comes from the Aspen Institute’s Future of Work Initiative and WeWork, the Future of Work and Cities Survey. The survey polled over 30,000 full-time and part-time workers across 50 cities in 18 countries, including 7,500 respondents who are WeWork members. While people in almost every city described their city as a thriving center of creativity, community, and family, one in three respondents say they are considering moving in the next two years.


The People, Process, Policy, and Technology of Security

Here’s an interesting concept. We are always talking about how we need to be diligent about educating our employees about cybersecurity best practices and technology, but we need to take that a step further and also be innovative when it comes to our processes, policies, and mandates.

What’s Next for Jobsite Safety

Let’s talk about jobsite safety for a minute. Interestingly, if you go back 100 years, safety wasn’t the core value on construction projects like it is today. Why did that change? A cultural shift happened.

Facts of the Week

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Constructech Awards 2020

Industry Market Briefs

Constructech TV

With the rise of voice assistants and chatbots, the latest episode of Constructech TV digs into the growth predictions, construction case studies, and potential hurdles to adopting the technology. Peggy Smedley asks: Can we trust Alexa and Siri with our business? And perhaps, more importantly, if we can’t, what needs to happen next to help the construction industry feel good about the privacy and security of voice assistants.

Featured Article

In industries like construction, AI (artificial intelligence) technologies are helping organizations innovate and meet society’s evolving needs in a connected world. However, questions remain about the darker sides of AI, including the ethical conundrums raised in certain use cases.

Top Products Award 20

Much has changed since the original Constructech Top Products launched more than 10 years ago. Perhaps the biggest change worth noting is that the technology itself has evolved, rather quickly too.

Thought Leadership

  • Holger Pietzsch deployment

Can We “Unlearn and Relearn”?

“Damn!” The mobile device I use daily not only wouldn’t come up to my apps, but kept rebooting every 60 seconds or so. The goofy tablet wouldn’t even shut off. We’ve probably all been there, and I knew what was needed—off to the local computer repair depot.

The Peggy Smedley Show

Peggy and Marcel Broekmaat, director of product management, connect applications, Trimble, talk about lagging productivity in construction and how the three Cs—constructible, content enabled, and connected—can help. He explains how to connect construction projects and that there are wins for all parties involved in construction.

Guest Column

In our industry we have to be ever present of the hazards that surround us. On the jobsite, we have to contend with unanticipated site conditions, damage, or theft of materials, equipment, and tools, and the myriad of safety hazards that demand a continuous 360 degree awareness of our surroundings.

The Constructech 50 Top 10

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