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Episode 40, AI Educates
Your Workers

The field of AI (artificial intelligence) is not new—but it is changing how people sense, learn, and take action today. Peggy Smedley dives into the ways it will change how young construction workers learn, helping them become more proficient at a task in a shorter timeframe.

Thought Leadership

Accepted practices to ensure concrete quality costs producers in both time and materials, and these practices fail to provide the information needed to ensure quality and avert risk.

When it comes to project documentation, you’ll hear the term “single source of truth” tossed around quite a bit.

When discussing technology and risk, the focus is often on the increased exposures a company faces when implementing or utilizing technology.

The Peggy Smedley Show

Inside the AT&T Foundry

Peggy and Craig Lee, the director of the AT&T Foundry located in Plano, Texas, talk about the AT&T Foundry and what it provides around the world. He explains that customers often understand problems that need to be solved, and are able to come up with creative solutions such as connected porta-potties.

Constructech Top Products 2019

Building Up Elite Technology for a New Year

The New Year marks an opportunity to change business processes and technology within an organization. In 2019, construction companies need to keep an eye on emerging technology, recognizing which trends will take over the market, and which are worth investing in.