Seattle’s Software

Seattle is known for many things: the Space Needle, Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks among others. It is a city willing to try new as well as revel in the old. In the near future, it may very well be the case study for automation of city contract functions.

Aurigo Software, a provider focused on the public sector, entered into a multiyear, multimillion dollar contract with the City of Seattle to automate the entire city's contract management process including more than 5,000 individual construction and non-construction contracts annually.

IoT for Smart Construction

The IoT (Internet of Things) connects smart appliances in the home and smart devices outside the home. Often the intermediary, the connector, is cloud-based. Data up, data down, data everywhere. Some construction related tools and equipment are smart enough to be monitored via a cloud app and more companies are searching for ways to make IoT and the cloud a part of construction.

A partnership of PCL Construction with AOMS Technologies, a specialist in IoT technologies for smart buildings and construction sites, is intended to make IoT enabled "Smart Construction" a new reality. The relationship will further enhance Job Site Insights, PCL's cloud-based construction platform, to provide a single view into all aspects of work at a jobsite. With additional sensor technology integrated into the platform, including concrete maturity and strength, gases, sound, vibration, air quality, and energy consumption among others, PCL has taken steps to enhance the smart construction space.



3 Infrastructure Construction Companies Pivot

Here at Constructech we have been talking about how companies need to be open to new opportunities. Part of looking at this new juncture requires companies to be ready to pivot their businesses, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and make the right moves in order to protect their employees alongside of keeping their businesses humming. Naturally, we have been reporting how technology continues to be a critical tool to enable strong profitability alongside of key partnerships. With that being said, I was excited when I heard that factors are playing out in three big infrastructure organizations. Bentley Systems shared details at a recent press briefing and then Microsoft added to the  news during its Build 2020 developer conference.

Resilience in Construction

Is your company resilient? I think it is an important question to be asking right now. Resilience is the ability to adapt to changing conditions and to maintain or regain functionality and vitality in the face of stress or disturbance—something most companies are going through right now.

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Corporate owners that want to see greater productivity, more engagement on the construction jobsite, and saved costs need to consider the digital twin on future projects. Peggy Smedley shares what the digital twin is, the benefits, applications, and opportunities. She also chats with Corey Johnson, director, product management, Bentley Systems.

Featured Article

Construction employment in the United States has taken a hit with as many as almost a million workers at all levels being unemployed. While most states in lockdown or mandated stay-at-home rulings have listed construction, in general, as an essential business, some areas and segments have been slowed or stopped by the coronavirus pandemic. Among those that are critical, however, is infrastructure repair and rebuilding. Indeed, around the world, calls are out for increased spending and implementation of infrastructure work.

Heads of State and United Nations agencies, International financial institutions, leaders of civil society, the private sector, and research and learning organizations have indicated their determination to continue the construction work started before the pandemic and add new projects to the queue. Until there is a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19, these leaders say, there is no better cure than prevention. Water, sanitation, and hand hygiene, together with physical distancing, are central to preventing the spread of COVID-19. These are the first line of defense against this serious threat to lives and health systems.

Top Products Award 20

Much has changed since the original Constructech Top Products launched more than 10 years ago. Perhaps the biggest change worth noting is that the technology itself has evolved, rather quickly too.

Thought Leadership

  • Maria Laguarda-Mallo

Sustainable City of the Future: A Case for Mass Timber Construction

Our civilization is in the midst of both housing and environmental crises. According to the United Nations, 68% of the world population will be living in urban areas by 2050. The implications of this in terms of climate change are considerable based on the fact that urban areas rely greatly on use of concrete and steel. In terms of the environmental footprint, the manufacturing of cement is responsible for approximately 8% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions; a figure that will increase if urban construction trends continue to rise.

The Peggy Smedley Show

Peggy and Megan Conley, CEO and founder, Social Tribe, talk about the new norm—working remotely. With roughly 80% of employees wanting to work remotely, they discuss working remotely 101.

Guest Column

In our industry we have to be ever present of the hazards that surround us. On the jobsite, we have to contend with unanticipated site conditions, damage, or theft of materials, equipment, and tools, and the myriad of safety hazards that demand a continuous 360 degree awareness of our surroundings.