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Episode 20, Seeing Green

Peggy Smedley talks about the top five tech trends, looks at new research from Purdue University that will help rebuild aging infrastructure, tests a dust extraction system, gives her predictions for 2018, and defines IPD (integrated project delivery). She also chats with Gary Glader, Horton Safety Consultants, and Gary Laterovian, Capnovate Construction.

HomeSphere’s My HomeSphere: Data Will Drive the Future of Homebuilding

The holiday shopping season was dominated by Echo and Dot—the smart speakers sold by Amazon and Google, respectively. A whopping 12 million were projected to sell in Q4 2017, which means homes in 2018 will be a whole lot smarter.

Top Products 2018 – The Importance Of Data

Getting the right information in the right hands at the right time has always been critical to ensuring success in the construction industry. Today, products are being newly released, upgraded, and enhanced to offer exactly what the residential construction industry needs in today’s competitive market.