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Episode 21, Transforming Construction

Peggy starts the year by looking at some of the hottest emerging tech trends for construction. She highlights research on a haptic-based avatar-robot, gives tips for securing data, and defines KPI (key performance indicator). She also interviews Gary Glader, Horton Safety Consultants, and Chris Mayer, Suffolk Construction.

Creating a Better Customer Experience

Creating a better customer experience all starts with remembering the most important part of any construction project—the process for the customer. Many in the construction industry tend to forget about the process, and focus on the finished product, but the process is truly where the experience lies.

Top Products 2018 – The Importance Of Data

Getting the right information in the right hands at the right time has always been critical to ensuring success in the construction industry. Today, products are being newly released, upgraded, and enhanced to offer exactly what the residential construction industry needs in today’s competitive market.