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Peggy Smedley answers the question: What is construction? She details what it is, how it has evolved, and what is coming next—in terms of emerging technologies. Particularly, she hones in on how construction and building things is becoming more of a virtual experience, not unlike playing video games and using apps.

Thought Leadership

Innovation is the cornerstone of CMiC’s business model and go-to-market strategy. CMiC relies on innovation on three essential fronts: its product strategy; the way it manages its customer lifecycle; and its talent development approach.

The biggest real estate construction tech story last year was Katerra’s raise of $865 million to finance the company’s explosive growth. Beyond the sheer size of the funding, the investment is notable for the bet it represents on the scalability of off-site construction.

A decade ago, construction was near the bottom of the list of industries that had adopted technology in a significant way. It was a bad rap for the industry, but it also effectively threw down the gauntlet.

The Peggy
Smedley Show

Rising Engineers – Stephanie Slocum

Peggy and Stephanie Slocum, founder, Engineers Rising LLC, engage in a conversation about the role of women in engineering careers. They talk about the labor shortage and how we can get more women involved in the trades and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).


Constructech Top Products 2019

Building Up Elite Technology for a New Year

The New Year marks an opportunity to change business processes and technology within an organization. In 2019, construction companies need to keep an eye on emerging technology, recognizing which trends will take over the market, and which are worth investing in.