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Episode 45, Emerging
Tech Drives Infrastructure

Peggy Smedley kicks off the conversation, sharing two big concerns as it relates to our nation’s infrastructure and highlighting what needs to happen moving forward. She then dives into the topic of the week: emerging technologies, narrowing in on smart-monitoring tools for infrastructure.

Thought Leadership

The implementation of construction-management best practices is critical to good leadership. While the construction industry is replete with academic best practices, the sad reality is that the prevailing best practices in the industry are reactive and responsive to case law.

When commissioning a project, it can be challenging to select a winning bid. You want a fair price, but can’t afford to sacrifice quality, either.

Concrete is the world’s most used construction material. It is used to construct homes, schools, offices, roads, runways, tunnels, and bridges and so much more.

The Peggy Smedley Show

Going Digital – Greg Bentley

Peggy and Greg Bentley, CEO, Bentley Systems, sit down for a candid conversation about open source and how it helps the construction industry go digital. He explains that it is possible to have an open information environment with a digital twin, which can be used for analytics and machine learning.

Constructech Top Products 2019

Building Up Elite Technology for a New Year

The New Year marks an opportunity to change business processes and technology within an organization. In 2019, construction companies need to keep an eye on emerging technology, recognizing which trends will take over the market, and which are worth investing in.