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Episode 28, Construction of the Future

Peggy Smedley takes a quick break from looking at cities and instead spends the entire episode looking at the future of construction—from commercial to residential, and from the office to the jobsite. She also interviews David Fosbroke of National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, James Carey of Carey Brothers Remodeling, and Jeffrey Rhoads of Purdue University. Finally, she defines cybersecurity.

Going Digital: Advancing Project Delivery

As engineering firms move toward developing a digital strategy, a new phrase that will resonate with engineering, architectural, and construction professionals, as well as infrastructure asset owners, is now part of the infrastructure lexicon.

Constructech Top Products 2018 – How Tech Steps In

Construction professionals recognize the skilled labor shortage is causing a ripple effect that is impacting every single business across the country. The good news; however, is that technology can help in a big way, especially if implemented at the right time within the right company.