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Episode 24, Orlando: The City Beautiful Gets Smart

Peggy Smedley highlights the City of Orlando and is joined by the town’s director of sustainability, director of smart cities, and chief information officer. On this episode, she also talks with the ASSE about fleet safety and defines blockchain.

Build Upon a Solid Data Foundation

Everybody seems to be talking about data these days. It’s clear, big data is no longer a topic reserved for huge companies. People and businesses are generating more data than ever before and many companies are beginning to realize the goldmine that is available at their fingertips. Companies that are able to collect and convert data into enhanced decision-making are spurring a new era of innovation and achieving a competitive advantage.

Constructech Top Products 2018 – How Tech Steps In

Construction professionals recognize the skilled labor shortage is causing a ripple effect that is impacting every single business across the country. The good news; however, is that technology can help in a big way, especially if implemented at the right time within the right company.