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Cellphone or Landlines on the Job?

The construction industry has moved from landlines to cellphones and now smartphones. But are mobile devices the way of the future?

Next Gen 3D Platform for Virtual Walk Throughs

Are you leveraging reality capture to the fullest? Now, tech companies are working together to create new solutions targeted specifically for the construction industry.

New Zero Energy Community to Be Built

In Central California, a new grid-connected community called De Young EnVision is being built that will include 36 Zero Energy, connected homes designed with the potential to produce as much clean energy as they consume in a year.

BIM Protects the Perimeter

BIM (building information modeling) and virtual design is helping one company improve processes on perimeter security projects.

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Why You Should Trade Up to the Cloud Now

You’ve probably heard a few scary tales of contractors nearly losing all of their digital data in a flood or fire. Or maybe your business has had a few close calls with data exposure. While ransomware attacks may seem rare, who wants to risk an entire business on one false click, oversight, or mistake?

The Key Traits of a Great Estimator

Estimating is one of the most important jobs in construction. Demand for well-qualified estimators continues to grow because construction is on an upswing. Estimators are essential for companies to capitalize on the growth in construction.


One Voice, One Cause

When I launched Constructech magazine almost 20 years ago, I had a vision to help subs, GCs, and owners understand the value of leveraging construction technology. At that time, we were just beginning to really understand the power of technology within the construction industry. Since 1998 our mission has remained the same. We are focusing on helping you understand how to leverage data to collaborate among team members and to use that information to increase your bottomline whenever possible.



Should Apprenticeship Programs Be Required?

Apprenticeship programs offer a lot of benefits including hands-on training that leads to greater quality and safety on construction projects. But should these programs be required to work on a job? One city is now saying yes.

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