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Technology Day 2018: How Data Is Driving Projects

Constructech Technology Day 2018 will help attendees understand how to navigate the winds of change to avoid any potential downturns, to leverage the stream of technological change, and to keep up with the increasingly connected worker.

This mean understanding how the IoT (Internet of Things) is changing work environments, buildings, homes, and real estate in general. Today’s construction company understands that proper construction of a work environment hastens the speed of work and drives innovation.

Sensors, beacons, connectivity, and communication devices all linked via the IoT are creating greater productivity in the work space, managing workers constantly on the go, all while enhancing more comfort and efficiency for active homeowners.

That means the best construction companies are building smart properties that consider all the occupants that inhabit them. These buildings and homes offer greater energy efficiency, comfort, and entertainment that will measure what the tenants do and how they do it, ultimately improving costs and sustainability.

  • It’s all about ROI (return on investment).
  • It’s all about human capital/employee wellness.
  • It’s all about employee output.
  • It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

Technology Day 2018 helps construction attendees harness data and business insights, which will play a role in improving deals and investments, mitigating risks, and lastly opening up new profitable possibilities by leveraging technology.

While construction companies acknowledge the need to invest in modernizing their IT and data infrastructure throughout the entire operations, many need to step up investments to stay competitive. Technology Day 2018 will help companies gain a more competitive position by outlining the specifics of data management tools, information systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT devices, analytics, blockchain, enterprise systems, and automation systems. In addition, this event will also help construction companies ask the right questions to protect against cyberattacks and bad actors.

What Is Technology Day?

This educational event gathers construction professionals to exchange ideas and share views about the use of technology and analytics to ensure better and faster decisions.

The event includes an exhibit hall displaying relevant technology solutions; a half-day conference focusing on the latest emerging tech trends; networking opportunities between sessions and during breaks and closing the event will be the 2018 Vision Awards and Women in Construction dinner.

Technology Day Brings Together

  • Construction professionals
  • Software providers
  • Educators
  • Industry experts

How can you get involved?

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