Partnership for Construction Collaboration

September 17, 2014

The construction industry has been transformed by collaboration, which provides a better framework for communication and project delivery.

To this end, construction partnerships continue to form around balanced opportunity. For example, Eos Group,, Scottsdale, Ariz., recently partnered with Cost Engineering Consultancy, Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands.

Sept/Oct 2014

Volume 17 Number 06

Blueprint for the Cloud

You have heard the term; now create a plan for the cloud in your business.

Back in late 2008, Gartner,, Stamford, Conn., made a pretty bold prediction when it identified the top 10 strategic technologies for 2009. The analyst firm suggested cloud computing—which wasn’t as widely known at the time—could have a significant impact on the enterprise in the next three years. While the term quickly became one of the most popular buzzwords around the IT office cooler, understanding the cloud and its role in an organization quickly became one of the chief challenges in the years that followed.

July/Aug 2014

Volume 17 Number 05

2014 Constructech 50: The Next Wave of Tech Is Here

Cloud, mobile, Big Data, and more are transforming technology in the construction industry.

When was the last time you downloaded software to your computer using a CD—or worse a floppy disc? Hopefully for the latter the answer is years, as the “cloud” is now hovering over many IT departments, providing a way to easily access data.


Clamoring for the Cloud

Every time I hear something about how confusing and ambiguous the cloud is I chuckle because I know it is absolutely true—but it also causes a bit of concern for me. How long has the term ‘cloud’ been around and we still have a difficult time defining it?

Green Technology

Making the Case for Solar

Construction companies continue to be dedicated to renewable energy, creating sustainable operations, and trendsetting in order to go green.

Infrastructure Update

Analyzing Pavement Density

When it comes to highway construction projects, asphalt pavement density is a big consideration for many DOTs (Dept. of Transportation), and technology for measuring and gathering this data continues to advance.