Standards Drive the Connected Home

July 28, 2014

Builders constructing today’s homes likely recognize the connected home is becoming more popular among buyers. The challenge is with so many different devices and constantly evolving technology, building a home with the right systems can be challenging.

This is where standards and protocols often can come into play. Selecting products that are built on a certain standard often means the product will be interoperable with other products from different manufacturers that are built on the same standard.

July/Aug 2014

Volume 17 Number 05

2014 Constructech 50: The Next Wave of Tech Is Here

Cloud, mobile, Big Data, and more are transforming technology in the construction industry.

When was the last time you downloaded software to your computer using a CD—or worse a floppy disc? Hopefully for the latter the answer is years, as the “cloud” is now hovering over many IT departments, providing a way to easily access data.

May/June 2014

Volume 17 Number 04

2014 Constructech App Catalog

Looking for the right app to get the job done? The Constructech App Catalog has the app for you.


Fresh Design and Constructech 50

Fresh Design and Constructech 50 Each year the July /Aug is sue of Constructech magazine is a must-read for our subscribers, as it contains our picks for the Constructech 50, which is the listing of the most influential software providers in the construction market. This year there is another reason to carefully comb through the pages of this issue—a completely new design.

Green Technology

New Stadium Goes Green

Many buildings, homes, and other structures across the country have received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. In many cases, the facilities take advantage of a combination of solar panels and energy-management systems to ultimately achieve “net zero” energy use. Now, one stadium has announced it is using this type of technology.

Infrastructure Update

Autonomous Vehicles: Impact on Construction

There has been a lot of talk as of late among the car manufacturers about the future of autonomous self-driving vehicles, the challenges of bringing these cars to market, and the competition in the space. However, what will the long-term impact of the technology be for an industry like construction?